Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Cost – Know Before You Decide

What is the replacement cost for the Porsche IMS bearing? The Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost is about $4000, but the price may differ depending on labor, parts, and locations.

When the IMS (Intermediate Shaft) bearing becomes faulty, it warns with a single sign: the metal shavings in the filter or oil. You’ll get this symptom while replacing the old oil. So, you must pay more profound attention when you change the oil to identify possible engine issues.

This brief guide will make you able to understand everything about IMS bearing replacement costs. Moreover, you’ll learn related information, including the causes, essential tips, and many more. As a result, you can’t leave it without reading if you love your Porsche.

Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Cost – Importance & Reasons To Replace

IMS Bearings, also known as intermediate shafts, ensure smooth shaft rotation without issues like juddering or sticking. These bearings have an indirect connection with the crankshaft and camshaft.

If IMS bearings don’t work correctly, the pistons cannot fire to move your vehicle. So you can easily understand the importance of these bearings for your car.

Replacing these IMS bearings is natural as they undergo considerable wear and tear. But premature IMS bearing replacement may be caused by incorrect lubrication. Therefore, the bearings get deteriorate quicker than their expected lifespan.

Improper lubrication on the bearings also becomes evident when you get a louder sound from the gearbox. Also, external dirt and debris speed up this declining bearing process when they start to damage. Leaving the symptoms without fixing them will cost you hefty penalties very soon.

Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Cost & Related Information

Some Porsche vehicles use ceramic bearings that cost between $1700 and $2500. They’re typically useable for the recent cars from this manufacturer. Also, the Porsche 911 996 IMS bearing replacement costs are the same for its firstborn models.

Besides, a 2006 Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost can vary in this price range. You need to pay around $1500 for labor, which differs depending on the location. as a result, the IMS bearing replacement cost of 997 is about $4000 in total.

But the vehicle's manual or automatic mode plays a crucial role in the total cost. A car with an automated system will cost around $4065, while a manual system automotive will cost about $3310. If you want to know about the Porsche Boxster IMS bearing replacement cost, it’s the same as we stated.

However, the Porsche vehicles that are initial models with 3.6-liter engines come with more miniature bearings than the recent models. The S model vehicles can be good examples with more oversized single-row bearings.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace IMS Bearings?

Porsche 911 IMS bearing replacement cost for a single-row is between $1800 and $2000, excluding labor and other applicable charges. Here is a list of different Porsche vehicle’s single-row bearing replacement costs:

Porsche Boxster 986
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic Manual$1800
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic Automatic$2000
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic, Tiptronic$1850
Porsche Boxster 987 (up to 2006)
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic, Manual$1800
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic, Automatic$2000
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing Ceramic, Tiptronic$1850
Porsche 996
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 996 C2 Manual, Ceramic $1800
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 996 C2 Manual $2000
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 996 C4 Manual, Ceramic$1800
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 996 C4 Manual $2100
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing, 996 C2, Tiptronic, Ceramic$1900
Single Row Pro IMS Bearing, 996 C4 Tiptronic, Ceramic$2000
Porsche 997 Gen 1 (up to 2006)
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C2 & C2S Manual Ceramic$1800
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C2 & C2S Manual $2100
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C4S Manual Ceramic$1800
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C4S Manual Engineering$2100
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C2 & C2S Tiptronic Ceramic$1900
 Single Row Pro IMS Bearing 997 C4S Tiptronic Ceramic$2000

What Porsche Years Have IMS Bearing Problems?

If you want to know about the higher IMS failure rate by year, it’s from 1997 to 2005. The 911 model of the Porsche has more problems than others. When it gets an issue with the IMS bearings, it results in engine malfunction. Sadly, the bearings are not repairable.  

Failing IMS bearings of the Porsche vehicles throw them into higher vulnerability. So, to buy Porsche vehicles from the years and models above, you must think twice more.

When IMS bearings fail, it makes the engine almost useless. You need to change or reassemble the machine after the IMS bearing malfunction. If it happens to you, pay about $4000 for the IMS bearing replacement cost of 996 or 997 models.

What’s The Normal Frequency Of IMS Bearing Replacement?

Some automotive experts suggest replacing the IMS bearing after every two years. But if you perform the best IMS bearing replacement, it’ll cost around $4000, which is a massive whipping on the Porsche users.

So, some auto mechanics recommend replacing them after every four years. Indeed, the accurate frequency will depend on the model of the car and the brand of the IMS bearings.

For example, the Classic Single Row IMS Retrofit manufacturer recommends replacing it after 50,000 miles or every four years. Besides, you can return the Classic Dual Row IMS Retrofit bearing after every six years or 75,000 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Model/Year Did Porsche Fix The IMS Bearing Problems?

Porsche has fixed the IMS bearing problems from its 2007 models/year. Also, they upgraded the IMS bearings' design in 2017 with sealed ceramic ball bearings in their onward model and years.

Can I Replace An IMS Bearing Myself?

It’s tough for most users to replace the IMS bearing themselves as it relates to several factors and huge labor. Moreover, the IMS bearing replacement process requires different equipment and practical knowledge to accomplish the task perfectly. If you’re all set with those things, you can do it yourself to save thousands of bucks.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace IMS 996?

The replacement cost of the Porsche 996 IMS bearing for the single row is about $1700 to $2500 if you do it yourself. But the price will rise around $4000 if you do it by a mechanic for the labor cost.

Why Should You Replace The Clutch And IMS Bearing Together?

The IMS bearing replacement cost 987 or 997 is around $4000 with parts and labor. You can replace the clutch and the IMS bearing at the same price. If you want to replace them separately, they’ll cost almost twice $4000. So, replacing them together is cost-effective.

Does The IMS Bearing Failure Very Common For The Porsche?

One of the most common Porsche vehicle issues is the IMS bearing failure. The actual failure rate of the single row IMS bearing was 8% according to the 2000 to 2005 model years study. The failure rate was 1% for the double-row IMS bearing.

The Bottom Line

We’ve tried our best to inform you about the Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost with related topics you need to know. Hopefully, you found them interesting and not very disheartening.

Of course, the costs are higher, but you can trim them by getting more value by performing the IMS bearing and clutch replacement together. You’ve learned that you can’t repair the IMS bearings when they fail. So, you must be aware of maintaining your car regularly.

Periodic maintenance is the root cause of many car issues. Most importantly, when you get any warning signs, you must take them seriously and fix them accordingly. All these things are vital for a smooth driving experience.

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