Porsche Cayenne Starter Relay Location For All Popular Models

Are you looking for the Porsche Cayenne starter relay location? The most common location of the Porsche Cayenne starter relay is under its intake manifold. The location may differ depending on the models and years; we’ll learn about them in detail in the post.

The starter relay is also known as the Porsche Cayenne relay 433. When this relay fails or becomes defective, the engine finds itself difficult to start. Also, the engine may fail to start in some cases. A faulty starter relay will warn you of an ignition’s clicking noise while attempting to start the engine.

Facing this issue with the abovementioned symptom makes sure that your car’s starter relay has gone something wrong. As it’s a serious issue that involves engine stalling, you must know the location of the damaged starter relay.

No worries; we’ve done the task for you. So you don’t need to look for anything else. Simply continue reading, and you’ll get everything that you’re seeking.   

Porsche Cayenne Starter Relay Location For Different Years

The starter relays of the Porsche Cayenne don’t remain in the same positions for all models and years. Although they remain in different places, the intake manifold and the main coolant tubes are the major locations.

For example, a 2004 Porsche Cayenne starter relay location is under the intake manifold. But the location may be under the main coolant tubes for the other models like 2008. In some other models, you’d find them in the block of the cabin fuse.

NOTE: There are different relays, including latching relay, thermal relay, etc. You must carefully identify and choose the starter relay when you need to replace it.

Locations Chart Of Different Years & Models Porsche Cayenne

Get a chart of the starter relay locations for the common Porsche Cayenne years and models:

Well, let’s dive into the main discussion to learn the detail about the locations of the 433 starter relay, aka starter relay:

Years   ModelsLocations Of The Starter Relay
2008    Porsche CayenneUnder The Main Coolant Tubes
2009    Porsche CayenneUnder The Main Coolant Tubes
2015    Porsche CayenneUnder The Main Coolant Tubes
2005   Porsche CayenneUnder The Main Coolant Tubes
2004    Porsche CayenneUnder The Intake Manifold
2010    Porsche CayenneUnder The Intake Manifold
2012    Porsche CayenneUnder The Intake Manifold
2014    Porsche CayenneUnder The Intake Manifold
2006   Porsche CayenneThe Cabin Fuse Block
2013   Porsche CayenneV-Banks Of The Cylinder

Under The Intake Manifold

Most probably, you’ll find the starter relay under the intake manifold. The starter relay of many models and years of Porsche Cayenne comes in this location.

So, when you need to look for the Porsche Cayenne starter fuse location, check the intake manifold first. If you don’t find it under the intake manifold, check for other locations below.

Likewise, if you want a 2014 Porsche Cayenne starter relay location, you’ll get it at the same place. Knowing your car’s starter relay location will help you repair or replace it easily.

Under The Hood & The Main Coolant Tubes

Several Porsche Cayenne models come with starter relays under the main coolant tubes. For example, you’ll find a 2008 Porsche Cayenne starter relay location at that spot. You need to open the hood to find the relay.

Also, the 2009 and 2005 Porsche Cayenne starter relay locations are identical. If you own a 2015 Porsche Cayenne, you’ll find its starter relay location at the same place – under the main coolant tubes.     

Fuse Block In The Cabin

If you look for a 2006 Porsche Cayenne starter relay location, you’ll not find it under the intake manifold or the main coolant tubes. You must look for it in the fuse block of the cabin instead. So, look at the fuse box and fix the issue irritating you with the starter relay.

V-Banks Of The Cylinder

You’ll find a 2013 Porsche Cayenne starter relay location in the V-banks of the cylinder. You learned much about the starter relay locations. So, you should be able to fix the issue independently.

But, if you’re facing the Porsche Cayenne ignition switch problems, you should learn more about it. Read on to learn the reasons for the failure/fault of the starter relays.

Why Do Starter Relays Fail/Fault?

Usually, starter relays are highly durable. But they can be failed or be damaged for some reason. Here is a char of the reasons that can harm the starter relays that trigger to replace them accordingly:

Bad switchClicking sound while starting
Dead batteryCan’t start the engine
Bad spots on the armatureStarters work intermittently
Electrical & mechanical defectsStarters move sluggishly
Internal starter relay malfunctionOdd sounds while starting
The starter motor stops workingDysfunction while tuning the key

Replacement Cost For The Porsche Cayenne Starter Relay

Is the Porsche Cayenne not starting? Check the symptoms, warnings, and error codes your car indicates with the issue. If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms, the starter relay is most likely responsible for the problem.

A starter relay collaborates with the car battery to start the engine while switching the ignition on. When a relay becomes damaged, your car doesn’t get the essential power to start the engine. So, you must know about the Porsche Cayenne starter replacement cost to get a new one to fix the issue.

Comparison Table Of The Starter Relay Replacement Cost

Here is a comparison table of the top car parts providers’ starter relay replacement costs. You can consider these prices as examples, and they may vary depending on your car years/models:

Service ProvidersPrice Ranges (Parts + Labor)Warranty
Your Mechanic$219 – $91512-month
Midas$248 – $95512-month
Mr. Tire$289 – $84012-month
Walmart$99 – $218Limited
Amazon$78 – $359Limited

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Does My Porsche Cayenne Not Starting?

An abortive starter relay can make your car stuck if there are no other issues. When your car is Okay with the battery, alternator, and other things, a damaged starter relay can prevent the engine from getting started.

How Do You Know When Your Starter Relay Gets Blown?

Clicking sound while starting, hard/can’t start the engine, starters moving sluggishly, odd starting sounds, and dysfunctional tuning key are warning signs of a blown starter relay.

Where Is The Porsche Cayenne Starter Relay?

The starter relays typically remain under the intake manifold and the main coolant tubes. However, it’s possible to get them in the V-banks of the cylinder and cabin fuse block, depending on the models and years of the Porsche Cayenne.

How To Jump Start A Porsche Cayenne?

Locate the access panel that resides on the engine compartment’s right side. Open and flip the red top to the positive terminal. Join the jumper cables’ ‘+’ (positive) to the terminal. Then, connect another terminal with the car battery’s positive terminal. That’s all; your Porsche Cayenne should jump start now.

Can I Drive My Car With A Defective Starter Relay?

A start is no longer in use when your car engine is moving. But you may stick with the stalled engine if you switch it off with a faulty starter relay. If you know the issue is happening for a damaged starter, bring your car back to the mechanic shop and fix it to avoid further issues.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you want to find the starter location for the Porsche Cayenne, check the intake manifold. This is a very common Porsche Cayenne starter relay location, followed by the main coolant tubes.

If you don’t know the exact location of the starter relay, you will find it tough to identify. Thus, fixing the issue involved in the starter relay will slow down.

But it’ll no more happen with you because you have the chart of all popular Porsche Cayenne models and years. Also, you know the replacement cost of the starter relay.

So, you’re all done! If you still have any questions to ask, just give us a knock in the comment box. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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