P0456 Dodge Charger – Reasons, Symptoms, And Fixing

Why does the P0456 Dodge Charger trouble code occur? The major reason for the P0456 error code on the Dodge Charger is a minor leakage in its EVAP (Evaporative) control system. The P0456 may be visible alone or linked to other trouble codes like P0440, P0420, and P0441.

The P0456 isn’t the highest prioritized problem code. But, if you find this error code, it’s best to fix it as early as possible to avoid further damage to the engine. Although the issue may start with a small leak, it can be significant to bigger with activating the P0456 trouble code.

Therefore, you can’t think of it as a simple system issue. It may involve a hefty penalty if you leave the problem ignored. In the content inside, we’ll discuss all related information, including reasons, symptoms, and fixing the error code.

So, let’s proceed!

P0456 Dodge Charger Code – A Quick Synopsis

Commonly Visible SymptomsMIL light and Gas smell
Usual ReasonsDamaged EVAP pipe Purge valve Faulty gas cap
Risk PriorityPrimarily lower, it doesn’t impact the drivability
Secondarily fatal, it may cause hefty penalties.
Diagnostic ComplexityHard to diagnose
Estimated Fixing Cost For PartsAround $200

A Brief Discussion On The P0456 Dodge Charger

The P0456 code Dodge Charger clearly indicates a negligible EVAP system leakage. It’s a trouble code with a lower severity but gets significantly higher over time.

Indeed, it can be fatal if you keep it unfixed for a long time. When you drive your car with this error code, it keeps damaging the solenoid, which may trigger engine misfire and stalling.

Thus, the problem impacts the entire performance of the vehicle. And it leads to permanent engine damage in the long run. As a result, whenever you get warned of this trouble code, take the necessary actions to fix it. It’ll help you save your engine and drive the car effortlessly.

P0456 Dodge Charger – A Quick Summary Table

In the next segment of this post, we’ll discuss the code P0456 Dodge Charger in detail. Before we do that, we’ve prepared a summary table with the reasons, symptoms, and fixing tips for the issue.

CausesWarning Signs Solutions
Leaking EVAP HoseCheck Engine LightReplace the hose
Bad fuel capFuel smellReplace the cap
Faulty Vapor ValveHigher fuel consumption Replace the valve
Damaged GasketsHigher fuel consumption Replace the gasket
Dried Fuel Filler Neck GasketElevated emission ratesReplace the gasket

P0456 Dodge Charger – Details Discussion Of Reasons & Fixings

The P0456 code 2014 Dodge Charger is a trouble indicator that may be linked to many reasons. We discussed the causes and solutions in the table mentioned above in brief. Let’s learn them in detail below:

Leaking EVAP Hose

A leaked EVAP hose is the most common reason for a 2017 Dodge Charger code P0456. The hose transmits fuel vapor to its related components, like the canister.

If the hose gets leaked, the system records the issue and activates the P0456 error code. You must get a tear or hole on the hose when you check it.

How To Fix It

Check the hose and the leaking holes closely. You probably need to replace the leaked hose to fix the issue.

Bad Fuel Cap

The P0456 Dodge Charger 2017 trouble code can be visible due to a bad fuel cap. Some users reported that the error might appear when the cap is open – even when it’s closed well. Anytime you get this code should fix the issue without waiting.  

How To Fix It

After getting this error code, check the fuel cap. If it’s open, close it perfectly. It should fix the issue. If the code is still visible, then you have no other options without replacing it.

Faulty Vapor Controlling Valve

When the vapor canister valve becomes defective, it can make a 2006 Dodge Charger code P0456. A nonfunctional canister purge valve doesn’t control the vapor going out from the canister. After monitoring this error, the system generates the code to warn of the issue.

How To Fix It

Ensure that the problem is happening to the valve. Then replace it with a new canister purge valve to fix the issue.

Damaged Gaskets

The P0456 Dodge Charger 2010 code may be active for a faulty fuel transporting gasket. When this gasket is damaged, it doesn’t maintain the vapor pressure. Monitoring this error, the system controller stores the data, analyses it, and activates the P0456 code.

How To Fix It

It’s a simple fix. Just replace the defective gasket, and you’re done!

Dried Fuel Filler Neck Gasket

The fuel filler neck has linked to the gas tank through a gasket. It can be dried during the dry or hot seasons. When this gasket becomes very dry, it can’t control the vapor’s pressure.

Thus, the system shows the P0456 Dodge charger 2016 code to warn you that something is wrong with the fuel filler neck. Also, it requires immediate fixing.  

How To Fix It

Check other symptoms of the trouble. If everything is working okay, the fuel filler neck gasket must be the troublemaker. So, replace the gasket to fix the P0456 Dodge charger 2015 problem.

What Are The Fixing Costs For The Dodge Code P0456?

Depending on the severity, parts, and labor, the cost range may vary from $75 to $200. For example, if The P0456 Dodge Charger 2019 involves leaking the metal gas tank, it can cost up to $600.

In addition, the cost is different for the vehicle’s models and the locations you’re getting the fixing job done. Here is the table of the costs that may link with the P0456 error code:

ComponentsEstimated Costs
Gas cap$20 - $60
EVAP Purge valve$150 - $200
Canister vent valve$50 - $100
EVAP line$50 - $100
Charcoal canister$200 - $600

People Also Ask: Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Fix The Dodge Charger P0456 Code?

The primary step to fix the P0456 P0440 Dodge Charger errors is to diagnose the reasons. After determining what makes the error, you can fix them easily. In the diagnosis process, you must get the issues with the gas cap, purge valve, and gasket. Simply replace the damaged cap, valve, or gasket to fix the problem. Consult a mechanic if you don’t have enough experience to do the job independently.

Is It Okay To Drive A Car With P0456 Code?

Having the P0456 trouble code is just a small warning of a big problem, and it doesn’t affect the drivability instantly. But you should not leave the issue for a long time. In the long run, the trouble can be fatal with elevated emissions, increasing fuel consumption, and finally, stopping the engine response. Fixing the error early when you get the P0456 code will help you avoid further consequences.

What Does The Code P0456 Mean?

The P0456 code means a small EVAP leaking. Its severity is almost the same as the P0457. But the P0456 is a smaller leakage than the P0455 indicates. Besides, the P0442 means a moderate leak in the EVAP system.

Why Does The Error Code P0456 Do?

The P0456 code indicates a small hole in the EVAP system that leads to continuous damage to the solenoid. It can make the engine completely stall after a short time. Indeed, the issue involves making the gas cap and purge valves nonfunctional. Underrating this initial warning sign with the P0456 code will soon penalize you thousands of dollars.

Does The P0456 Or EVAP Leakage Impact The Car Mileage?

Yes, a car with the P0456 code indicates the EVAP system issue that can reduce the mileage. When the EVAP system valves become defective, they consume more fuel, impacting the car mileage.

The Bottom Line

Although the P0456 Dodge Charger looks like a simple trouble code, you must not take it lightly. It starts with a small EVAP system leakage but becomes serious over time.

Leaving your car with this error code can trigger the engine entirely stalled. So, whenever you find the warning with the P0456 code, check the other symptoms, and detect the correct reasons.

Fixing the error at the initial phase will help you avoid deadly engine issues. Hopefully, you won’t be the victim of the error code, as you know the symptoms and fixings of the issue.

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