Reasons & Symptoms Of P0014 Chevy Equinox Error Code

What do you need to know about the P0014 Chevy Equinox error code? P0014 is a diagnostic trouble code of Chevy Equinox that connects with the VVT (Variable Valve Timing), making visible the unusual exhaust camshaft position progression.

P0014 error code may appear for different reasons, including oil change and defective wiring. The issue seems simple, but it can trigger some expensive penalties. Especially if you keep the problem overlooked, it’d be terrific in due course.

When you finish reading this article, you’ll get a clear idea about why and how the error P0014 happens. Also, I’ll discuss some other related topics, like the replacement cost of the camshaft position sensor.

P0014 Chevy Equinox Trouble Code Synopsis

What does P004 Chevy Equinox mean: Over-advancement of exhaust camshaft position.

How does P004 code serious: SEVERE – avoid driving with this problem immediately.

What’s P004 code fixing urgency: Fix it immediately to protect the engine from expensive penalties.

How to diagnose P004 code: Learn the symptoms and reasons for the error code. They include check engine light, engine stalling, idle engine, and decreased fuel efficiency.

How & Why Does P0014 Chevy Equinox Appear?

From the previous text, we learned: What does P0014 mean? Indeed, it’s a trouble code that warns about the issues with VVT/VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing). The problem is linked to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) or engine controlling system.

Typically, it happens when external air mixes with fuel, which changes the rate of fuel transmission. It indicates the camshaft is moving faster (sometimes slower) than its regular rates. Thus, the VVT/VCT gets irregular timing that impacts the engine performance and the engine itself.

Finally, you get the P0014 Chevy Equinox 2.4 error code. It becomes evident that something isn’t going right with the engine. Also, it can show the issue in other ways, including checking the engine light on, stalling, etc.

Reasons & Symptoms Of P0014 Chevy Equinox Error Code

Although the P0014 can be a standard error for Equinox, it’s much trickier than other trouble codes. However, it’s nothing impossible to fix. You can overcome this issue yourself if you know what the reasons and symptoms create it.

Well, before I dive into the discussion, let’s get the summary of the P0014 Chevy Equinox 2012 trouble code’s possible reasons and symptoms.

Bad/Loose WiringCheck engine light ON
Irregular Camshaft’s TimingCan’t or tough to start the engine
Changing/Insufficient/Old/ OilBumpy running/rattling
Damaged Timing ChainCheck engine light ON

Bad/Loose Wiring

The actuator has wiring that can produce a P0014 error code if it becomes lousy. It’s an excellent place to start to understand why the issue happens. Also, the engine warns with Check Engine Light when the problem occurs.

Initially, check the harness connector to see if it’s plugged well, disconnected, or loose. Moreover, look for possible damages to the wiring. Any reason related to wiring can make the P0014 Chevy Equinox 2012.

Finding something suspicious on the wiring should be a good reason to replace it with the new harness. And don’t be afraid, a new harness for the P0014 Chevy Equinox cost will not be thousand dollars! If you don’t like to do it yourself, contact a professional auto mechanic to fix the problem.

Irregular Camshaft’s Timing

The solenoid actuator works with the camshaft that involves in controlling its time. This actuator can be faulty over time and may give irregular timing for the camshaft. All these produce the P0014 code and send it to the PCM.

Accordingly, it makes the issue visible with symptoms, including the inability to start or the hard of starting the engine and the glowing engine check light. And finally, it generates the P0014 Chevy Equinox 2015 trouble code. You can fix it by replacing the lousy actuator if it’s out of use.

Changing/Insufficient/Old/Dirty Oil

Getting engine oil old or dirty can prevent the camshaft from working correctly. It also can be for after changing the oil and lacking oil. In all circumstances, you’ll get the P0011 P0014 Chevy Equinox error code when you diagnose it under a scanner.

The issue can warn you of symptoms, including bumpy running, knocking, and rattling. The P0014 Chevy Equinox fix doesn’t need anything more than an oil change and some time to drive your vehicle with patience.

Damaged Timing Chain

Are you still looking for the answer to the question: “how do I fix code P0014?” here is another good reason to learn. It’s the timing chain that may work incorrectly if it gets damaged.

If the timing chain jumps with its tooth, it’ll run faster or slower than the regular reading. So, you should check this timing chain and scan it to ensure the issue. Although it rarely happens, this may be issued for your Equinox.

You’ll confirm the issue when you get visible symptoms like a check engine light. You can fix it with a replacement or repair, but it’s tricky. As a result, bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic without wasting your time.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix Code P0014?

Most repair shops will count the cost included by at least one hour of diagnostic time. They perform a thorough investigation to find out all possible issues.

If everything works well, repairing the P0014 error usually costs between $75-$150. But it may rise to $400 depending on labor, parts, and other related costs if applicable.

The cost is for this single-issue repair. If they find some other problems, the cost will go higher. Thus, you’ll get the actual repair cost from the shop. They’ll check your car, describe the potential issues, and then ask for the total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Does The P0014 Code On The Chevy Equinox Indicate?

The code P0014 appeared when something went wrong with the camshaft or Variable Valve Timing (VTT). The issue typically happens for loose wiring, after an oil change or dirty oil, and a damaged timing chain.

How To Fix The P0014 Chevy Equinox?

Check the symptoms first, diagnose the issue, and ensure the problem is for the camshaft or Variable Valve Timing (VTT). Then, go to the next step, where you may need to replace the old/damaged wiring harness on the camshaft. Also, change the engine oil and drive your vehicle on the road for a while.

How Deadly Is The P0014 Code?

The P0014 is one of the deadly codes for Chevy Equinox. When the timing chain or belt becomes faulty, it hits the pistons repeatedly. As a result, the oil efficiency and engine performance decreased than expected. It requires immediate action to fix the issue to avoid hefty penalties later.

How Do I Reset The Camshaft Position Sensor?

Honestly, resetting the camshaft position sensor is a tricky task. It isn’t easy for ordinary people like us because the job needs much technical knowledge and essential tools to complete it perfectly. So, a professional hand is vital to reset the camshaft position sensor.

How Do I Know When The Timing Belt Gets Wrong?

When your vehicle's timing belt becomes faulty, it indicates symptoms like engine ticking noise, won’t turn on the engine, and oil leakage. Also, you may face exhaust problems from a defective or lousy timing belt.

Can I Drive My Car With A Camshaft Sensor Issue?

In a nutshell, yes, you can. Driving your car with a camshaft issue for a while to bring it safely at home or a mechanic shop won’t cost you anything. However, it’s strictly suggested to fix the issue as early as possible. Otherwise, it’ll harm the engine, and you’ll need to pay a significant penalty.

The Bottom Line

P0014 Chevy Equinox is one of the severe trouble codes that become evident with various symptoms. The code warns you there is a problem with the wiring, timing belt, and oil. It can start as a minor issue but becomes serious over time if you ignore it.

Hopefully, you won’t underestimate the P0014 error code, as you know how serious it can be in the long run. If it happens for old oil, you can fix it quickly. Otherwise, you must contact or bring your car to a professional repair shop.


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