Nissan Titan Screen Upgrade – Why & How To Do It?

Nissan Titan Screen Upgrade – Why & How To Do It?

Why do you need to undertake the Nissan Titan screen upgrade? Upgrading your Nissan Titan screen becomes vital when unresponsive with a black screen and all your efforts turn fruitless.

The head unit of the Nissan Titan is typically well-built. But it’s an electronic item, and it can be useless anytime. Getting your car’s screen or head unit out of use is hugely upsetting while going for a long drive. The ride becomes a bitter experience for you and your partners.

Do you believe, “Where there are problems, there are solutions too?” Yes, it’s true. If you have an extra, workable aftermarket screen/head unit, you can fix the issue. Also, it requires a bit of expertise in car maintenance.

This post will give you complete information regarding the reasons for the issue and its upgrade process, with some recommendations for the best aftermarket head units. As a result, it’s worth reading as the Nissan Titan owner.

Nissan Titan Screen Upgrade: When It Becomes Evident?

Many causes can make your Nissan Titan’s screen worthless and triggers to Nissan Titan head unit upgrade. Some reasons are impossible to fix without upgrading the system head unit.

Let’s get the reasons that give you a black screen and their potential solutions:

The blown fuseReplace the fuse
The frozen/unresponsive screenUpgrade requires
Cracked/shattered screenUpgrade requires
Water damageRepair/Upgrade
Incorrectly calibrated screenCalibrate correctly
Software malfunctionGet the latest software
Dirty screenClean the screen
Bad screen pixelsUpgrade requires
Unresponsive screen touchUpgrade requires
Faulty touchscreen controllerUpgrade software
The dead battery of the car stereoReplace the battery

Nissan Titan Screen Upgrade With Recommended Products

You're not alone if you need a 2018 Nissan Titan screen upgrade. Many Nissan Titan owners prefer to upgrade their factor screen with the latest one.

Nissan provides the best screens with their vehicles. But they can be defective or less entertaining for many users. Besides, the aftermarket head units offer more features than the preset ones.

This is how upgrading the original screen turns out to be evident. If you also need to upgrade your head unit with the recent one, here is a list of their features.

All the recommended products are compatible with the Nissan Titan. So, choosing anyone from the below items will give you the perfect head unit experience:

Product’s NameFeatures
Double Din 7” – Best HD Touch ScreenSimple to navigate with hands-free calls HD, larger, touch screen Android Auto & Apple CarPlay compatible
Pyle Single DIN Head Unit ReceiverHands-free operation Smart device compatibility Multiple connection types
Power Acoustik PD-710B Single-DINDetachable & anti-theft front panel ID3 & MP3 Tag Display Large screen with Bluetooth 2.0
BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9700A Car Audio Stereo SystemHands-free Bluetooth calls Steering Wheel Controls Built-in Preset EQ
JENSEN J1CA9 9-inch Touch ScreenBackup Camera Input USB Playback & Charging Bluetooth Hands-Free Calls

How To Perform The Nissan Titan Screen Upgrade – Step-By-Step Process

For example, when you decide to get a 2017 Nissan Titan Apple Carplay upgrade, it’s easy to do. The upgrade process requires having a compatible new screen/head unit, necessary tools, and some practical knowledge of vehicle maintenance.

If everything is fine, let’s go through the steps to perform a 2013 Nissan Titan screen upgrade:

First Step – Initial Preparation To Kickstart

Being well-prepared for replacement procedures helps get the job done perfectly. You must be ready with essential tools, including trims, a T-10 Torx, a Phillips, and a 10-screwdriver. Also, keep the new screen aside and get into the next step.

Second Step – You’re Going To Remove The Screen

There are some parts near the dashboard related to the screen. Unscrew their hex bolts and screws to remove the parts. After removing the parts, keep them arranged as if you may get them near your hand while reversing the process. Remove the old screen’s wire harness from its backside.

Third Step – Let’s Mount The New Screen

Take the parts you removed from the old screen and set them up in the new screen with screws and bolts. Then, set the parts in their previous place. Reconnect the cable and harness with the new screen as you removed it from the old one. Congratulations, you’ve got the Nissan Titan screen upgrade!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Fix A Car Touchscreen?

Restarting is the simplest way to fix your car's touchscreen issues. Also, it may cause problems with the wrong calibration. So, if you calibrate it correctly, it’ll solve some other faults. When all attempts become worthless, a factory reset is the last hope. Otherwise, it would be best if you replaced it with a new screen.

Is Aftermarket Screen Worth It?

Most of the aftermarket screens provide you with all-rounder performance with enhanced features. They’re not just tough screens; they have improved tuning, equalizing, and easy navigation. Importantly, they’re easy to install.

Do Head Units Affect Car Sound Quality?

A head unit or screen isn’t directly responsible for affecting your car's sound quality. However, you’ll get better audio with your sound system, giving you more enjoyable and high-quality sound.

When Do A Car Screen Stops Working?

A blown fuse is the most common reason for a non-responsive car screen. The issue also may happen to cracks, water damage, incorrect calibration, software malfunction, and dead battery.

How To Test A Bad Car Touchscreen?

You can manually test a bad car touchscreen by pressing it to check whether it works. Also, you can try it with a pointed object like a stylus. Besides, you can get help from screen testing apps like TouchTest. If it fails in all test methods, upgrade/replacement is the last option to fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

While having no way to fix the detected problems, the Nissan Titan screen upgrade is the final solution for your car’s head unit.

But we suggest you perform the fixing methods (restarting and factory reset) once again before you decide to replace the old screen.

Apart from evident faults, some users prefer aftermarket screens for the best and latest features. Regardless of the causes, you learned how to fix and upgrade the Nissan Titan screen. The choices are yours!

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