Location Based Nissan Rogue Front Bumper Replacement Cost

Do you want to know about the Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost? The average cost of a Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement is between $500 and $1700 based on location, availability of labor, and parts.

The replacement cost also varies depending on the making year of the car and crashing seriousness. A car’s front bumper is vulnerable to getting damaged in collisions. As a result, it’s essential to have a good idea about the cost before you go to the mechanic shop.

Let’s dive into the details without further ado!

Nissan Rogue Front Bumper Replacement Cost In Details

As we’re talking about, the cost range can be $500 to $1700. The cost isn’t the same for all regions because it differs for some factors, including the type of collision, model, labor, and parts.

It would be best if you kept in mind that your car’s front bumper goes through the touch of more things than and back bumper. It makes the front bumper vulnerable to dent, crack, and even crash.

Additionally, the front bumper is more rust and corrosion-prone, reducing its strength and outlook. Before we get into the discussion, here is a summary of the Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost with additional repair:

Bumper$100 - $1000
$200 - $600 without installation & painting
Labor  $48 - $215
Dent$150 and $600 with painting
$100 to $300 without paint
Cracks, Holes, Punctures  $325 - $425
Scratches  $50 - $600
Respraying  $400 to $500

Front Bumper Replacement Costs

Branded product and accessibility are two major factors influencing the 2020 Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost. Also, location and labor costs must be considered to replace the front bumper.

Keeping everything in mind, the cost may be between $300 and $1000. But you need to pay an additional $200 to $700 for installation and painting.

Associated Labor Costs

Labor costs vary widely in different states for their availability and local laws. Most surprisingly, the rates can differ in the exact location, especially in a city area. The AAA reported hourly rates between $48 and $215 in U.S. states, cities, and regions.

Mechanics and repair shops give you hourly rates for labor depending on their expertise and qualifications. Also, the costs may vary for the model, local government fees, and shop type. Independent repair shops typically give you a bit lower rate than dealerships.

Repairing Costs For Dent

A 2018 Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost may differ when you want to repair its nearby dent. The cost can vary depending on the dent's depth and the state/city you’re repairing. Typically, it costs around $150, which may rise to $600 for additional tasks like spraying and painting.

Paintless dent repair is an innovative dent removal technique that uses some unique tools. The process gives you a better repair of the dent without affecting the paint. It’s a relatively faster and inexpensive way to deal with the dent that costs around $300. But you can’t use this method for plastic bumpers and damaged paint.

Repairing Costs For Cracks, Holes & Punctures

Sanding, blocking holes, and filling can be linked with a 2017 Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost. In this case, the cost may range between $325 and $425, depending on labor and place.

Costs For Scratch Repairing

When your car gets more minor scratches, you can fix them faster and easier. However, deep scratches with damaged paint need more time and money. When you want to add a 2016 Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost with scratch repairing, it’d add additional payment between $50 and $600.

Costs For Respraying

When a vehicle needs paint repair, it’s enough to respray. The standard cost of respraying is between $400 to $500. However, the price can climb to $1900 if it requires a complete replacement with a new bumper with respraying.

Front Bumper Replacement Cost  In Major U.S. Cities

Look at the table below that will give you a brief of the Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost:

CityCost (Labor + Parts)
Los Angeles$700 - $1900
Phoenix$700 - $1900
San Antonio$700 - $1900
Chicago$600 - $1800
Dallas$600 - $1800
New York$500 - $1700
San Jose$500 - $1700
San Diego$500 - $1700
Philadelphia$500 - $1700
Houston$500 - $1500

How To Understand A Car’s Front Bumper Needs A Replacement?

When you have a problem with the front bumper, you want to repair or replace it. But it’s tricky to decide whether the bumper needs replacement or repairing enough. Here are some deciding factors that will help you realize which one is perfect for you:

Cranky Front Bumper

Plastic and fiberglass are significant materials for car bumpers. When the front bumper cranks, it’s a warning sign, and it tells you that a replacement is required.

Cranking lingers while driving on uneven or countryside roads. The replacement becomes evident when you find cracks or holes in the front bumper.

Broken/Damaged Bumper Hooks

Finding broken or deformed bumper hooks ensure it’s time to change the front bumper. Because the hook or latch becomes weak to hold the bumper in its place when broken or damaged. In this case, you have just one option – replace the damaged bumper with a new one.

Unrepairable Scratches With Several Dents

Too many dents and scratches that are not repairable suggest a replacement of your car’s front bumper. When you want to repair the dented and deep scratched bumper, it may cost a similar to a new one. So, replacement is the best option in this scenario.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How Much Do I Need To Pay For The Nissan Rogue Front Bumper Replacement?

The replacement cost of your Nissan Rogue front bumper ranges between $500 and $1700. The cost includes labor, parts, and other applicable fees. This cost varies surprisingly for different factors like availability of parts, labor, and model of the car.

How Much Should I Pay For The Whole Front Bumper Replacement?

The total bumper replacement cost can be between $1500 to $5000. It varies depending on the materials it’s made of. For example, if it’s made of plastic, it may cost around $1500. But it’d cost up to $5000 if its material is fiberglass. The labor cost is another essential factor that can lower and higher the total price.

How Do I Replace My Car’s Front Bumper My Own?

You can do it independently if you have the essential tools and practical knowledge to replace a front bumper. You need to invest some hours that will help you save about $500.  

Is It Easier To Repair A Plastic Bumper?

If you have a car with a plastic bumper, you can repair it when required. You can quickly fix issues like gouged, scratched, and broken ones with the help of some tools. The plastic front bumper doesn’t want to be sparkling finished.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Replace A Bumper?

It’ll take about 2-3 hours if you do it yourself. Otherwise, the mechanic shop may need 1-3 days, depending on their working pressure and schedule. If they take the task on their hands instantly, it’ll take no longer than 2 hours.

Can I Fix My Cracked Bumper?

If it’s a plastic-made bumper, you should be able to repair it yourself. If not, it depends on the severity of the damage and whether you can do it on your own or needs to consult a mechanic. Besides, repairing fiberglass or other bumpers is much more complicated for DIYing.

Can I Drive My Car With A Damaged Front Bumper?

Driving a car with a damaged front bumper is illegal. It’s the same for the unsafely attached and mission bumpers. You can get a ticket from a police officer if you’re caught with a damaged front bumper.

The Bottom Line

Car front bumpers are prone to wear and tear like many other things. Knowing the Nissan Rogue front bumper replacement cost is crucial when things like cracks, damaged/broken hooks, deep scratches, or multiple dents happen.

The car's front bumper replacement costs may be expensive as it requires certified professionals. However, if you're well-experienced with essential tools, you can save hundreds of dollars if you do it yourself.

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