Nissan Murano Wheel Lock Key Location – Everything Is Revealed

What is the location of the wheel lock key on the Nissan Murano? The glove compartment and the spare tire parts are the most common places for the wheel lock key. But it may vary depending on the Murano models discussed throughout the article.

Nissan Murano wheel lock key location plays a vital role in protecting your car from some wrong hands. It becomes tough to steal this protective wheel lock, which is indeed some nuts designed with alloy wheels. They won’t open until you insert the exact wheel nuts.

Every vehicle has its unique set of nuts to give you the highest level of safety. Apart from the safety measures, locating this wheel lock becomes essential when replacing its tires.

We’ve developed a complete guide on wheel lock key location, including its importance, unlocking method, replacement cost, and much more related information.

Nissan Murano Wheel Lock Key Locations With Types & Importance

What does a wheel lock key look like? The wheel lock keys, also known as lug nuts, are distinct types of nuts that remain inside the tire rim of all vehicles. They have a special code that needs to open through the specifically designed socket, which we’re talking about, the wheel lock.

The wheel lock key is vital to protect the tires from the preying eyes of thieves when you park your car and leave it alone. Besides, anybody, including you, won’t be able to remove the wheel, rim, and tires without the wheel lock keys.

You should immediately contact your car dealer if you’re having trouble finding a 2017 Nissan Murano wheel lock key location. They’ll provide you with alternative keys or help you find the key in your car if you don’t get them.

Here is a list of all Nissan Murano, including 2018 Nissan Murano wheel lock key locations:

Vehicle Model/YearsWheel Lock Key Location
Nissan MuranoGlove compartment
 Spare tire parts
 Passenger seat
 Driver seat
 Car’s backseat

Nissan Murano Wheel Lock Key Location

We’ve learned from the above table that there are four places where the Nissan Murano wheel lock key may be available. It clearly indicates that all vehicles of the Murano series don’t have wheel lock keys at the same spot.

For example, when you look for a 2019 Nissan Murano wheel lock key location, you can get it on the driver’s backside. But this isn’t the preset place for all Murano models.

So, if you need a 2016 Nissan Murano wheel lock key location, it may be in the glove compartment. Importantly, you must remember the spots we refer to as the wheel lock key location. it’ll help you discover the lug nut quickly.

How Many Types of Wheel Lock Keys? Why They’re Essential?

Automated cars provide the highest security with three types of wheel lock keys. These include a wheel lock key for the keyed head, rotating wheel, and shear head.

They’re created with a unique design for every different vehicle. Using a different car’s wheel lock keys will give no results for yours. It’s also the same for others.

Now, the question is, why the wheel lock keys useful for a vehicle? Although we’ve learned something about this topic from the above discussion, let’s recap the usages of the wheel lock keys:

  • They keep your car’s tires secured and keep them away from stealing.
  • They help you remove the tire, rim, and wheel when you need them.
  • All wheel lock keys come in different designs that provide the highest protection for the keys.

NOTE: You must keep the keys on the safe side because if you lose them, you won’t be able to open the tires if needed. You must replace them with a hefty penalty.

How To Remove A Wheel Lock Without A Key?

Do you know how to remove wheel locks without key? You can remove a wheel lock with the wheel lock removal tool kit. Also, you should have a heavy rubber mallet and a screwdriver or punch to do it. After getting all these things on hand, follow the below steps:

First Step

Park your vehicle by engaging the parking brake.

Second Step

Try the wheel removal kit’s lug nuts one after another until you get the right fit.

Third Step

Use the mallet and strongly hit the lug nut.

Fourth Step

Move the removal tool counterclockwise to release the lock.

Fifth Step

When it’s loose enough, you can remove the lock by moving your hand.

Sixth Step

Take the tool kit out, put a screwdriver or a punch in the hole, and use the mallet to hit the punch. The wheel lock should come out after a few hits.

Seventh Step

Repeat the steps for other wheel locks if needed.

How Much Does It Cost For Locking Wheel Nut Removal?

Look at the table to get a clear idea about the wheel lock key replacement cost:

Item’s NamePrice Range
One locking wheel nut removal$50 – $60
Four locking wheel nut removal$60 – $90
One failed attempts locking wheel nut removal$50 – $60
One mobile locking wheel nut removal$60 – $90
Four mobile locking wheel nut removal$60 – $90

Remember, the Nissan wheel lock key replacement cost may vary depending on the location, parts, and labor. Also, additional taxes and fees may be applicable in different states.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does A Tire Replacement Require A Wheel Lock Key?

Yeah, you must have a wheel lock key to replace a tire. Using a wheel lock key is the first requirement while replacing a tire. As a result, it’s crucial to keep the wheel lock key on the safe side.

Is There Any Universal Wheel Lock Keys?

A universal wheel lock key has no existence. Every vehicle has unique wheel lock keys incompatible with other cars, models, and brands. The Nissan Murano’s wheel lock keys are not usable for the Ford F150. However, you can try with 12 to 20 pieces of wheel lock kit to remove the locking lug nuts.

What’s The Most Common Place To Get The Wheel Lock Keys?

The glove compartment is the most common place where the wheel lock keys typically reside. So, you should search the glove compartment where you need to get the wheel lock keys. You most likely find it out there. Otherwise, look at some other spots.

Does The Wheel Lock Removal Harm A Vehicle?

Trying to do it yourself can damage the tire when you don’t have enough practical experience and essential tools. Therefore, we suggest contacting an auto mechanic to fix this issue.

How To Get The Wheel Lock Key Code?

Losing the wheel lock key prevents you from removing the wheel, rim, and tire. But you can get a new wheel lock key with the provided lock key code. All wheel lock keys have codes that help you get new ones from the manufacturer. This lock key code is available in the user’s manual. If you don’t find it there, you should look at the service book or the bag/box of the wheel lock nut.

The Bottom Line

Initiate the search for the Nissan Murano wheel lock key location from the glove compartment. If you don’t get it there, continue seeking the passenger’s side and the spare tire parts. You must find the wheel lock key among these three locations.

Even if you don’t find them anywhere, you know how to remove wheel locks without the keys mentioned above. However, performing this removal task requires some essential tools and practical knowledge. Otherwise, don’t do it yourself.

Another notable point is always keeping your car’s wheel lock keys in safe places. So you’ll be able to access them easily when you need to replace wheels, tires, or rims.

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