Nissan Frontier Starter Location & Solutions Of A Damaged Starter

Where is the starter located on a Nissan Frontier? Under the passenger’s side is the most common location of the Nissan Frontier’s starter. You must get under the hood to discover and fix the starter-related problems.

Many users don’t know about the Nissan Frontier starter location. The reason is that starter issues are not very common like other car issues. It might be an infrequent concern, but it may happen to you. So, it’s wise to get ready to find the starter location whenever you need to find it out.

No worries; you’re going on the right track to learning the exact starter location of your Nissan Frontier. We’ve designed the article with all years of the Nissan Frontier series with its issues, symptoms, and solutions.

Let’s get into the post inside!

Nissan Frontier Starter Location For All Vehicles Of Frontier Series

We’ve learned that a starter may be defective rarely, but it can happen anytime without telling you. However, it’ll warn you of some symptoms when the starter faces any problems. The starters are commonly found under the intake manifold, passenger’s side, and glove compartment in the Nissan Frontier.

The most common warning sign is a clicking or tapping sound. If you get this sound anytime, your vehicle's starter is in trouble, and it’s warning with that sound. When the starter becomes faulty, it’ll initially cause starting issue in your car.

A bad starter can start and fail to start the engine. Finally, you’ll get the vehicle completely out of order – dead. So, before you find your Frontier dead, you must take care of the symptoms (we’ve discussed them below after describing the location).

Here we’ve created a table that will give you a summary of a 2012 Nissan Frontier starter and all other years of the Frontier series:

Nissan Frontier Year/ModelStarter Locations
1997 - 1999Under the intake manifold
2000 - 2004Passenger’s side 
2005 - 2014Behind the cover in the glove compartment
2015 – PresentBehind the passenger-side kick panel

Under The Intake Manifold

The first generation of the Nissan Frontier series is from 1997 to 19999. If you need to perform the Nissan Frontier starter replacement for any of those years, you should look at the starter under the intake manifold. So, open the hood directly, locate the intake manifold, and get the starter.

Behind The Cover In The Glove Compartment

You'll find it behind the glove compartment cover if you’re seeking a 2006 Nissan Frontier starter location. The owners of the Nissan Frontier series from 2005 to 2014 should look and find the starter in that location.

Similarly, a 2011 Nissan Frontier starter location is also in the same spot. It means if you have the Frontier of the abovementioned year range, you’ll find the start behind the cover in the glove compartment.

Passenger’s Side 

For the Nissan Frontier model years from 2000 to 2004, owners should look for the starter on the passenger’s side. Therefore, a 2013 Nissan Frontier starter location isn’t near the passenger side. You must search for it in the glove compartment of your car.

Behind The Passenger-Side Kick Panel

Do you want to discover a 2015 Nissan Frontier starter location? Then, look no further than the kick panel behind the passenger side. The Nissan Frontier vehicles were made from 2015 to the current year.

So, you’ll find a 2016 Nissan Frontier starter location behind the passenger-side kick panel. Checking the exact place will help you avoid wasting your time and effort.

Common Signs & Solutions Of The Nissan Frontier’s Bad Starter

Usually, a starter relay or motor doesn’t go wrong suddenly. Before the starter becomes damaged, it warns you with some indicating signs. Managing those symptoms is crucial to prevent different engine issues.

Here are some common symptoms of a faulty starter with their possible solutions:

SymptomsPotential ReasonsSolutions
FreewheelingBlown fuseReplace the fuse
Smoke under the hoodLoose wiringReconnect the wires
Oil-soaked starterOil leaksRepair/replace oil-leaking parts
Dash lightsDamaged starter partsReplace the damaged parts
Unusual noisesBlown fuseReplace the fuse
The engine won't crankDead batteryRecharge/replace the battery

How To Replace The Starter - Step By Step Guide

For any model/year, including a 2006 Nissan Frontier starter replacement becomes a must when they don’t help you to start the engine. Here are some simple steps to remove and replace the damaged starter’s motor and relay:

First Step – Lift The Vehicle Up

Initially, get a jack stand to lift your car up. Now, open the hood of the car, disconnect the negative port of the battery, and don’t do anything with its positive terminal.

Second Step – Get the Starter Relay/Motor

From the above-said location chart, find your car’s starter, where you’ll find the relay and motor. Remove the start by unbolting from the mount. You should get two bolts of 10mm and use a wrench to loosen them. Also, two more bolts of 14mm should be unbolted.

Third Step – Removing & Installing The New Relay/Motor

After unlocking all bolts, you should get the gasket removed, which will help you reach the starter location. So, remove the starter and replace the relay or motor. If both are damaged, replace the entire starter unit.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Nissan Frontier starter?

The Nissan Frontier starter replacement cost may be between $330 and $595. In this cost, you’d pay $86 to $108 for laborers and $244 to $487 for the essential parts to replace the damaged starter.

The referred price ranges are excluded applicable fees and taxes. Also, the cost can be different depending on the parts’ brands, model years of the vehicle, availability of labor, and location.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Are The Starter Locations On The Nissan Frontier?

The starters of the Nissan Frontier locate under the intake manifold, behind the cover in the glove compartment, passenger’s side, and on the passenger-side kick panel. It means the location may vary depending on the making years of the vehicle.

How To Diagnose A Damaged Starter?

Taking notes on the warning signs can be a simple way to diagnose a bad starter. Check the starter if you get symptoms, including freewheeling, the smoke under the hood, an oil-soaked starter, a dash light, unusual noises, or the engine won't crank. You should get it defective.

How To Reset A Car Starter Remote?

Press and hold your car starter remote’s “Lock” button for 5 seconds. Then, release it, turn it on, and switch the key to the “Off” position (or you can press your car’s start button again). Do this on-off sequence for a total of four times.

What’s The Regular Lifespan Of A Starter?

You can get a starter up to 80,000 starts, which could be about 150,000 miles. Even some starters last for the life of a vehicle. But the starter also can be damaged before your mileage or the start quantity.

Can A Damaged Starter Drain A Battery?

Yes, getting your car’s battery drained, even ruined by a faulty starter, is possible. It typically happens if you leave the starter untreated and try to start the engine continually.

Can An Alternator Harm A Starter?

Yes, an alternator supplying extra charges can harm a starter and even be useless. So, you must repair or replace the alternator to get the correct electric voltage before replacing the starter.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the Nissan Frontier starter location. After reading the entire post, you learned many things about the vehicle’s starter.

Hopefully, you won’t face any issues next time you get a bad starter. It’s because you know where the starters locate, what the symptoms of faulty starters are, and how to fix them independently.

However, you should remember one thing if you’re not confident enough to perform the replacement task, you must take help from the mechanic. But never allow a bad starter in your car anymore, as it doesn’t help you start the engine.

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