Nissan Frontier Jack Points – Simplified From 2002 To 2022

Where and how to jack up a Nissan Frontier? The Nissan Frontier's jack points may differ depending on making years, but they’re typically available under the front door.

The Nissan Frontier jack points remain in the same place for some versions, while others are in a different spot. Finding the jack points becomes crucial when lifting the vehicle up. The jack points to ensure the proper balance of the car’s total weight.

Changing any components, such as leaf springs and bushings, requires lifting the vehicle. Indeed, these jacking points are handy for maintaining your car’s bottom as they help you provide essential space to perform maintenance tasks.

Using the wrong jacking points can give you adverse results. You can’t ignore the importance of knowing about the exact jack points of the Nissan Frontier. We’ve surfed a lot to support you with authentic information when you’re confused about your car’s jacking points.

Nissan Frontier Jack Points – Let’s Expose Them All

Literally, you can lift your car with its frame or chassis. However, the experts suggest using some specific jack points to perform the bottom tasks efficiently. Also, the Nissan Frontier front jack points and other jack points are perfect for lifting your car with the right balance.

Here is a chart for the Jack points on Nissan Frontier that will give you a quick view of the entire Frontier series with the ease of use points:

Nissan Frontier YearsJack PointsUser-Friendliness
2002 – 2022Under the front wheelEasiest & safest
2002 – 2022Frame railEasier & safer
2002 – 2022Inside the front crossmemberEasy & safe
2002 – 2022Rear wheel’s axle tubeEasy
2002 – 2022Rear differentialsN/A

Straight Under the Front Doors

Despite other options, using the jack points to lift your car is the most straightforward and efficient method. There are four jacking points on the Nissan Frontier – under the front doors, behind the front wheels, and before the rear wheels.

For example, if you’re looking for a 2011 Nissan Frontier jack location, you’ll find it at the abovesaid spots. Look at the figure to get a clear view of the jacking points. We’ve indicated the location of the jack points with arrows.

Put the jack to those points when you need to lift your car. Using the jack points to lift your vehicle is manufacturer recommended. They also recommend elevating one after another side using the jack.

Frame Rail

The frame is another perfect point to set the jack to lift a vehicle that remains the wheels’ front and behind. So, when you seek the 2015 Nissan Frontier jack points, get them in the frame rail.

However, you should put the jack closer to the car’s wheels while lifting it. Most importantly, park your car on its brake to avoid unexpected events.

Rear Wheels’ Axle Tube

It doesn’t matter if you want to get the 2022 Nissan Frontier jack points or other models; the rear wheel axle tube can be a suitable place to use the jack to lift your vehicle.

But some experts support it to use the axle tube while others don’t. Therefore, we suggest you avoid this point as you have other good options to elevate your car.

Inside The Front Crossmember

The cross member can be a good location as the 2019 Nissan Frontier jack points. But it could be a bit risky if you don’t perform the lifting task carefully because it’s an area where the vehicle slides from.

As a result, keep the car on the brake by jamming the back wheel using a brick or a wood piece. These safety measures are applicable every time you elevate your car using a jack stand.

Rear Differentials

You can easily use the rear differentials to lift your car as they’re sturdy enough to do it. So, while using the floor jack for Nissan Frontier, you can choose them.

But you must remember that the differentials are tough to align. If you want to use these points to elevate your car, you must do it cautiously. Otherwise, use other easy jack points to avoid further misfortunes.

Figure With The Location Of The Jacking Points

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Are The Nissan Frontier Jack Points?

Under the front doors, behind the front wheels, and before the rear wheels are the jack points of the Nissan Frontier. Among those jack points, under the front door is the simplest and safest point to use a jack stand to lift a car.

How To Lift A 2019 Nissan Frontier?

Flatten your jack stand as much as you need to slide under your car. Put it correctly under the front door to perform the rid elevating easily. Then, use something to rotate the jack button clockwise. It should help you lift your vehicle up.

Can I Lift Up A Truck By The Differentials?

You can do it if the truck is designed to support lifting with the differentials. And sometimes, it becomes evident for some maintenance tasks in specific parts like the shocks. In this situation, you don’t have any other option than lifting your car. So, you can use the differentials as the jacking points. But you must do it carefully to avoid any issues.

Which One Is First To Jack Among Front & Rear?

The front is recommended to start jacking first, then the rear side. You can elevate the 4-wheeled truck by setting the jack stand under their differentials. But you should put the jack under the engine when it comes to two-wheelers.

Is It OK To Overload A Car Jack?

An extremely heavy load isn’t safe for the jack as its valves may be engaged. Thus, the jack will stop responding. So, we suggest you read the user’s manual to know the maximum load for a car jack stand.

How Long Do I Keep A Car On A Jack?

A jack can stay in the upright position with a car for a long time, which is enough to complete all types of maintenance tasks under your car. But you should not keep the jack standing without any reason. When you finish the task, keep the jack in its normal position, and store it in a safe place, so you can find it easily if needed.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the Nissan Frontier jack points. We always recommend following the user’s manual whenever you need to use a jack to lift your car. The manufacturer’s suggested jacking points must be the exact location to help you elevate and perform maintenance tasks.

Check your car’s arrow signs under the front wheels and front doors if the user's manual is unavailable. If you find the arrows, you’ve got the jack points, and you’re set to initiate setting the jack to lift your vehicle.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to maintain your car when you need it correctly. However, going through maintenance work under a vehicle may be risky. So, we recommend you use essential personal protective equipment to avoid unanticipated issues.

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