Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Equivalent – Alternatives Of Mopar Fluid

Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Equivalent – Mopar Alternatives

Why should you use the correct Mopar manual transmission fluid equivalent? Using incorrect fluid as an alternative to Mopar may cause bad lubrication, excessive heating, and transmission failure.

Indeed, the wrong fluids harm the transmission system and the engine. Re-correcting the damage is impossible by replacing or flushing your transmission. The issue worsens if you mistakenly use brake or motor oil instead of transmission fluid.

Now, the question is, what the best and correct equivalent is to the Mopar manual transmission fluid NV5600 or other Mopar fluids? The 75W-90 is the widely used equivalent of Mopar manual transmission systems.

Also, we'll discuss some other correct equivalents throughout the entire post. Typically, manual transmission fluid works best and is recommended for all manually transmitted vehicles.

So, keep reading about the alternatives to the Mopar manual transmission fluids.

What Should You Use Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Equivalent?

The original manufacturer of the Mopar brand is Chrysler. Mopar is a synthetic fluid for the manual transmission system, including 6Speed NSG370 and 5Speed NV3500.

Mopar transmission fluid is well-built to run the transmission system smoothly. However, you need to look for alternatives when Mopar fluid is unavailable.

In any case, if you don’t get Mopar fluid to use for your vehicle, you must choose the compatible and the most excellent alternatives from other brands. You can continue driving with a safer, fresher transmission using the best MA5 transmission fluid equivalent.

The thickness of the original Mopar transmission fluid is SAE 80W90 and 85W90. So, you must ensure a similar or equivalent fluid thickness when using other brands.

We’ve learned that 75W-90 is an excellent alternative to Mopar transmission fluid. Some other equivalent weights, including 80W-90, 80W, and 90W, are from other manufacturers. You can choose from them whenever you need to switch to different grades for the same results.

Let’s get a table with the Mopar manual transmission fluid equivalent grade:

Original GradeAlternative Grades
SAE 80W90 & 85W9075W90
 SAE 80W
 SAE 90W

Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Equivalent – Detailed Discussion

The First Alternative – 75W90

The manual transmission system prefers the 75W90 grade fluid for its axles and other components. As an excellent substitute for the Mopar, you can use this blend to get the optimum transmission system and engine performance.

The benefits of using the 75W90 grade include tremendous pressure and heat control with cold-flow characteristics. Besides, it’s good to save the transmission from friction and the engine from brass synchronizations.

Thus, you can choose the 75W90 as the best Mopar MS 9224 manual transmission fluid equivalent. It’ll fill the gap of the original Mopar fluid perfectly with optimum outcomes.

The Second Alternative – 80W90

If you notice the table, you’ll find 80W90 as the original grade of Mopar fluid. It means the 80W90 is the most suitable fluid grade to select from other brands if you need to replace Mopar.

Indeed, 80W90 is a versatile fluid for manual transmissions, final drives, etc. As a result, if you need the MS-9224 transmission fluid alternatives, you’re all set to use 80W90 grade. Likewise, it’s a good substitute for API GL-4 and API GL-5.

The unique advantages of 80W90 include low-temperature compatibility, flawless transmission shifting, and high-temperature thickness preservation. Moreover, you can use this grade as a successful replacement for 75W90.

Third Alternative – SAE 80W

If your car comes with the latest technology transmission system, you can pick the SAE80W fluid. Some manufacturers produce vehicles with modern technology that require specific fluids.

No matter your car specifications, you can use SAE80W as the correct Mopar 4874464 equivalent. This grade reduces the wearing of the transmission with stable lubrication.

Therefore, you’ll be able to give your gear lever a new life with deterioration protection and smooth shifting. You can select it for all transmission components, like auxiliary drive, manual axle, etc.

Besides the great API GL4 alternative, SAE80W provides standard transmission on high and low loads. It has a higher absorbing capability with noise reduction technology. This fluid protects the sealing materials from potential corrosion.

Fourth Alternative – SAE 90W

SAE90W is another ideal when it comes to substituting Mopar transmission fluid. It absolutely minimizes friction and wears with better performance in extreme conditions, like excessive cold and hot.

SAE90W can replace Mopar fluid for the transmission, differentials, gears, dividers, etc. Moreover, you can use it to get the best outcomes from most gearboxes.

Using SAE90W is a simple way to enhance horsepower. Similarly, it works nicely to prolong gears bearings' lives. Since SAE90W has a similar thickness to SAE50, you can alternate one another when you don’t have the accessibility to Mopar manual transmission fluid.


These are two different types of fluids suitable for manual transmission. They can be the best alternative to the Mopar manual transmission fluid NSG370. They’re great for performing in severe weather situations with pressure, speed, and weight.

Both fluids come with optimum temperature management capability. They prevent oxidation by reducing dirt and varnish buildup. As a result, you’ll get extended gear life with excellent engine performance.

Recommended Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Equivalent

You learned essential information about the alternatives of Mopar manual transmission. Now, it’s time to learn about the best manual transmission fluids equivalent to Mopar. Here is the list with the features:

Product’s NameFeatures
ACDelco GM Original Equipment SAE 75W85High-quality Reliable Durable
ACDelco Cold Climate Power Steering FluidMinimizes noise Inhabits corrosion Perfect for cold climate
TRIAX Agra UTTO Supreme Tractor HTF Full SyntheticFull synthetic Perfect for all-season OEM fluid compatibility
Hydro-Gear Transaxle Transmission Oil5 Quarts Gear oil Protects drive system Reduces wear & corrosion
AMALIE 75W-90 Full Synthetic Gear OilBest value East to use High-quality gear oil

What Are Mopar ATF+4 Equivalents?

You can ask: what is equivalent to Mopar ATF+4? ATF, ATF+, ATF+2, and ATF+3 are some of the best Mopar ATF+4 equivalents. All the fluids are hydraulic for the ATF and power steering.

As they’re suitable for power steering, you can use them for manual transmission. All the fluids in the ATF series offer easy gear shifting by keeping it clean and smooth.

However, when you want to use any of the said grades, it’s essential to check the user’s manual. It means you must be confirmed about the compatibility before you use them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who Manufacture Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid?

The brand Mopar comes from the famous Chrysler group. Mopar is a well-known manual transmission fluid suitable for vehicles with 5Speed NV3500 and 6Speed NSG-370 transmission systems. The fluid is renowned for its heat management feature and smooth performance.

What Are The Suitable Manual Transmission Fluids?

75W-90, 80W-90, SAE 80W, and SAE 90 are suitable manual transmission fluids. Even some producers recommend multi-grade and automatic fluids. However, manual transmission always works perfectly with manual transmission fluids.

Is It OK To Use Any Fluids in A Manual Transmission Gearbox?

As many manufacturers suggest, you can use most fluids for the manual gearbox. The fluids include heavyweight hypoid, automatic, and engine. But we recommend you use fluids genuinely made for the manual transmission systems. You can choose from the above list for the best results.

Can I Use ATF In A Manual Transmission System?

Using automatic transmission fluids on the manual system is permitted. But you should do it when you don’t have access to the manual transmission fluid. Most importantly, you must read the user’s manual to decide the exact transmission fluid for your vehicle.

What Are The Alternatives To Mopar ATF3?

You can replace Mopar ATF3 with the Dexron Plus. However, it’ll not help you save lots of bucks. Also, don’t do it until you read the user’s manual to know whether it’s compatible with your vehicle’s transmission system.

The Bottom Line

Looking for Mopar manual transmission fluid equivalent becomes evident if Mopar fluid is unavailable. As transmission fluids get dirty after a while, you must replace them quickly.

You must respond to the issue instantly when you get warning signs of bad transmission fluid. Driving a car with dirty transmission fluid causes problems with the transmission system and the engine inside.

But all transmission fluids are not perfect for manual transmission. As a result, whenever you need to replace the old transmission fluid, you must use compatible ones. They’ll ensure smooth shifting and expected engine performance.

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