Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord – Let’s Fix It

What are the reasons for the maintenance required light Honda Accord? Typically, glowing "maintenance required" light on your Honda Accord reminds you that it's time to perform a routine maintenance task. Other reasons may also lead to the problem we'll discuss throughout the post with their fixes.

You need to take the necessary actions when you get this warning sign. If you provide your car with scheduled maintenance, it'll also give you a good return. Maintaining your vehicle regularly will effectively extend its durability and optimum performance.

Also, you'll get your car with more reselling price, higher trustworthiness, and perfect coverage for its original warranty. It's vital to find out underlying complications if it has.

After reading this post, you'd be able to fix the issue by learning the reasons, symptoms, and Honda Accord maintenance required light reset process.

Why & What If Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord Is Glowing?

Mainly, the maintenance required light Honda Accord 2004 or any other model works as a reminder. It reminds you that don't forget to maintain your car.

It's a preset program that automatically activates the "Maintenance Required" light after a specific mileage or time. Usually, the Honda Accord turns on this light every 7500 miles.

Usually, the Honda Accord maintenance required light indicates that you should go through a scheduled maintenance job. The manufacturer recommends maintaining your car after a specific mileage.

That's not all about a 2004 Honda Accord maintenance required light flashing. Some other reasons also can trigger this issue. We've accumulated all the reasons with their symptoms and potential solutions. Let's proceed!

Summary Table Of The Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord

Before we dive into the detailed discussion, you can look at the summary of the reasons, symptoms, and solutions for a flashing maintenance required light:

Requiring Maintenance TaskMaintenance Required LightMaintain/reset
Inefficient/Old Engine OilDirty/dark oilReplace the engine oil
Lower Engine Oil LevelsOil pressure indication lightFill/replace the engine oil
Lower Brake Fluid LevelsBrake alert light Replace the brake fluid
Air Cleaner Is DefectiveDiscolor/dirty air cleanerReplace the air cleaner
Timing Belt Is MalfunctioningTick noise/engine won't startRepair/replace a timing belt

Requiring Maintenance Task

We learned that the glowing warning light Honda Accord 2003 indicates you to perform a routine take-care task. It works just like a reminder on your watch or smartphone. The light prompts you to get a whole maintenance job, such as checking fluid levels, replacing older oils, etc.

How To Fix It

You can fix it easily. Execute a maintenance task. If there are no other issues, a take-care job is enough to fix the issue. If you're experienced enough, you can do it on your own. Otherwise, get help from a car mechanic to maintain your car.

Inefficient/Old Engine Oil

The maintenance required light Honda Accord 2005 not just warns you of a regular caring job. The light also tells something more. When the engine oil of the car becomes old, it turns inefficient.

Your car doesn't like to work with old and useless engine oil. So, it wants to tell you, ' please replace the engine oil; it's irritating me.'

How To Fix It

Replacing the old engine oil will help you to fix the maintenance required light Honda Accord 2001. You can do it independently with the essential tools and technical knowledge. In case you're not confident to do it yourself, consult an auto mechanic to get it done.

Lower Levels Of The Engine Oil

When the engine oil levels go under 15%, the system warns you with glowing maintenance required light Honda Accord 2000. The issue also appears with a trouble code that suggests filling the engine's fuel reservoir as soon as possible. 

How To Fix It

Check the engine oil level. If it's at the lower level, fill it with a new one. However, look at the color of the oil; if it's altered, unlike the new one, you should replace it rather than filling.

Poor/Lower Levels Of Brake Fluid

When the brake fluid levels reach lower levels, it can lead to the maintenance required light Honda Accord 1999. It also may happen when the fluid quality becomes poor. You may know that the brake fluid depreciated over time with decreasing levels.

How To Fix It

Changing the brake fluid should fix the maintenance required light Honda Accord 1999 if there are no other problems. You can do the replacement task on your own or contact a mechanic.

Air Cleaner Is Defective

The maintenance required light Honda Accord 2002 meaning a faulty air filter or the cleaner. The air filter of your vehicle is good to use for 24,000 Km. But it can be defective before that mileage for some reason. So, whenever it's visible, fix it immediately.

How To Fix It

You can fix it easily by replacing the old/damaged/useless air cleaner/filter. It'd fix the issue if the car has no other issues.

Timing Belt Is Malfunctioning

Sometimes, a malfunctioning timing belt creates the maintenance required light Honda Accord 1998. Although a timing belt offers the optimum performance of up to 10,000KM, it can be inaccurate before that mileage.

How To Fix It

Check the timing belt first. If it's displaced, align it correctly. But you should not allow a damaged or malfunctioning timing belt. Replacing is the best solution in this case.

How To Reset Maintenance Required Light Honda Accord

Go through the below steps to reset the problem:

Step 1: Switch your car engine off and leave it for some time.

Step 2: Push and hold the RESET/SELECT button. This RESET/SELECT button is available in the instrument panel. Switch the ignition switch on.

Step 3: Push & hold the RESET/SELECT button for 10 seconds or until it resets the light.

Step 4: Switch the ignition off. After that, restart the engine, and it should reset the light.

See the image that comes with instructions to make it easy to understand:

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Does Honda Accord Maint Req'd Light Indicate?

When you get glowing "Maintenance Required" light, you should understand that your car is looking for a maintenance service. Usually, this indicating sign comes after every 7500 miles. But there may be other issues, including old engine oil, lower engine oil, and lower brake fluid levels. Also, you may get it for damaged air cleaners and malfunctioning timing belts.

How Severe Is The Issue Of Illuminating The Maintenance Required Light?

The severity of the 'Maintenance Required' light isn't higher. It allows driving a car with this light on. But you should not ignore to fix the issue. If you drive your car for a long time with this warning light, it can harm the engine's internal components.

How Long Driving A Car With Maintenance Required Is Allowed?

You must not drive your car more than 500 miles or two weeks with maintenance required light. However, it's suitable for fixing the issue earlier than later for the engine and other mechanical parts.

Is It Okay If I Maintain My Car Once A Year?

Depending on the frequency of your driving, you can maintain your car once after every 6 to 12 months. It's best to follow the manufacturer's recommendation when providing maintenance service for your car.

What Does A Basic Car Maintain Include?

Apart from replacing the engine oil, essential car maintenance includes checking all fluids, such as brake, power steering, engine coolant, and screen wash. If you want to maintain something more, you can check the wearable components, like spark plugs and air filters.

The Bottom Line

When your car needs some internal job, it says that activating maintenance required light Honda Accord. It requires a simple maintenance task if your car has no other problems.

Although the issue isn't severe, you should not ignore it. Driving a car with maintenance required light on can damage your engine inside. Also, it'll impact your car's performance, durability, and mileage.

You'd take the issue seriously as you know everything regarding the maintenance required light. It's because you know how to fix it and what it can do to your car in the long run.  

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