Kia Soul Radio Not Working – Potential Reasons & Solutions

What are the reasons for the Kia Soul radio not working? A damaged fuse is one of the most common reasons for this issue. Also, other related causes make this problem that we shared throughout this entire content.

We can feel your emotion when you drive your car with a bad radio that prevents you from listening to your beloved radio programs and podcasts. The scenario becomes worst if the radio stops working while enjoying a radio show.

Your car radio is a role player in tying things together. Therefore, you can be mentally distressed and seek an instant solution.

This post will help you with the possible reasons and solutions for Kia Soul radio troubles. Let’s give your radio a new life and restore your driving enjoyment.

Kia Soul Radio Not Working – Reasons, Solutions, Resetting

We said about the critical reasons for the Kia Soul radio issue. The radio works until the Kia Soul radio fuse is in the line of order. When the fuse gets blown, the radio stops working instantly. The issue also may happen for several reasons.

Here Kia Soul model problems are discussed in detail after the summary table: 

Damaged FuseUse a new fuse instead
Wrong WiringReconnect/tighten/replace the wire
Defective Car SpeakersReplace the speakers
The software Isn’t Working ProperlyRestart/reinstall/flash the software
Wrong Antenna/TunerReplace/Retune the antenna
Safety IssueUse provided code

Damaged Fuse

A damaged fuse is the most common and significant reason for the Kia Soul radio not working issue. A fuse saves your radio from the voltage up and down the electric supply. Also, power surges occur frequently in a car for many reasons.

If you can’t play your radio anyhow, checking its fuse is the first thing you should do. The most reported issue of the Kia Soul radio is its blown fuse.

You can quickly fix/replace this damaged fuse if you’re a little experienced in solving car issues. If not, you should avoid trying the fixing process and consult an expert like Auto Pro XYZ.

Wrong Wiring

Did you bring your car to some new or inexperienced mechanic? If yes, they can cause issues like wrong wiring while doing other maintenance tasks. Apart from incorrect wiring, the Kia Soul radio not coming up issue may happen for disconnected wires and loose connection.

Also, the issue happens while installing an aftermarket radio system. It doesn’t matter much what the reasons are. Fixing the issue is the main thing to make your radio alive. Check the radio system and determine if there is a loose connection or wrong wiring.

When you find any reason, reconnect or reinstall the radio system. It should fix the problem quickly. Otherwise, you should bring your car or consult a professional mechanic for the best solution to the issues like Kia Radio no sound.

Defective Car Speakers

Kia Soul speakers not working is very common for this model of Kia car. When your car speakers become damaged or get worse, they’ll not give you any sound, which is disappointing sometimes.

Besides, disconnected and loose wiring can make the radio useless. Check the radio system thoroughly. If it’s working well, but the radio doesn’t give you audio, you can be confirmed that the speakers have problems, such as damage.

So, check the speakers separately and find out if they make sound alone. Otherwise, replace the speakers to solve the issue. In this case, you may need help from an expert hand if you don’t know how to replace Kia Soul radio speakers.

The software Isn’t Working Properly

Software for your car radio system is like the apps of smartphones and computers. They also can be malfunctioning which can make the Kia soul radio is not working.

The issue is very disheartening while going for a long drive, but you’re not getting the audio. You can fix it by flashing or reinstalling the radio software. Simply restarting the car will solve the problem if it happens for the first time.

If the issue persists, reinstalling the software or flashing is the method to restore the radio sound. It could be somewhat tricky for you to follow the process. An expert mechanic or dealer can give you the best solution.

Wrong Antenna/Tuner

If you find everything is working fine, including stereo, MP3, and Bluetooth, except the radio, a wrong tuner or bad antenna can cause this issue. The radio stops delivering audio if it’s tuned incorrectly. Also, a useless or wrong antenna setup can cause this problem.

It isn’t a common Kia Soul issue, but you can face it anytime. Moreover, it’s a complicated trouble that needs a professional hand to identify and fix.

Safety Issue

Like the previous reason, it happens very rarely. After replacing your car battery, or if it becomes dead, the car may ask you for a “Code” with flashing.

It’s typically a preset option that wants the code for the radio or the car. You can fix it quickly by inputting the code. If you don’t find the code, consult your Kia dealer, and claim the code for the radio.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How Can I Reset My Kia Soul Radio?

Resetting a problematic Kia Soul radio is simple. Put the key in the ignition and set it to the ‘On’ point. Switch your car radio on, leave it for ten seconds, and switch it once again. Then, press and hold the radio's power button that should reset the radio system. Also, you can use the provided code for the Kia Soul radio reset.

Why Does My Car Radio Not Working?

A damaged fuse can be the most common reason for the radio’s unexpected failure. The issue also involves other reasons, including defective wiring, software malfunctioning, and bad speakers.

How Much Does It Cost For A Fuse Replacement?

You can buy a radio fuse for $10 - $20. But you need to pay between $65 and $100 for the labor costs per hour. So, the total cost to fix your car radio fuse would be between $75 and $120.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Radio?

Fixing a car radio may range from $100 to $1000. The cost depends on factors like the severity of the issues, its originality, fanciness, and the place you’re getting the job done.

How Can I Diagnose My Car Radio Issue?

You can diagnose your car radio using a multimeter. Testing the radio’s power cables will help you identify faulty or damaged cables.

The Bottom Line

The issue of the Kia Soul radio not working may happen for multiple reasons. The most common one is the damaged fuse. Also, bad speakers, faulty wiring, and software glitch are some other causes that can cause the problem.

A simple resetting can fix the issue at times. But, if it continues, you should check the fuse, wires, speakers, and software. You can perform the fixing task if you’re an experienced person. Otherwise, contact a mechanic or a dealer for the best solution.

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