Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost – Explained In Detail

How much does it cost to replace a TPMS sensor for your Honda? Usually, the Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost is around $100 per tire, which includes labor and parts.

But the replacement cost for the Honda TPMS (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System) sensor isn't fixed. It can be different for the places, brand of the parts, and labor convenience.

TPMS is vital to get your car tires with the optimum performance and condition. It alerts you when one of the tires becomes inflated. Driving a car with inflated tires is highly insecure.

As a result, you must respond immediately if you get any symptoms (we'll discuss them in the article) of a bad TPMS sensor. Otherwise, it can lead to a deadly crash, which is never expected.

This content will give you complete detail about the TPMS sensor replacement costs of Honda cars. Also, you'll get some related information, like the symptoms of a damaged TPMS sensor and others. Keep reading, please!

Get Everything About The Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

TPMS sensor Honda meaning the Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. The average cost for a TPMS sensor is about $100 for each tire, including labor ($95) and part ($5). However, the price may rise to $200 depending on states, cities, and taxes.

Moreover, the costs vary for easy/hard labor availability and brands of the parts. Also, your car's wheel type is another deciding factor for the price variations. 

You may be eager to know what the TPMS sensors do for a vehicle. TPMS sensors play an essential role in driving your car safely. They tell you about a faulty TPMS sensor with a glowing light on the dashboard.

What Are The Reasons, Symptoms & Solutions Of Bad TPMS Sensors?

You learned from the above paragraph that a bad TPMS sensor would warn you by illuminating a dashboard light. It's a good symptom of damaging the genuine  Honda TPMS sensor. Here is a table with the reasons and symptoms of defective TPMS sensors:

Dead batteries  The sensors are not working
Check engine light
Replace the battery
Malfunctioning sensors  Providing wrong information Check engine lightReplace the TPMS sensors
Decreased fuel economy  Engine consumes more fuel than normal stateCheck, and fix the TPMS sensors issue
Loss of control over tires  Getting no information about tire pressureCheck, and fix the TPMS sensors issue
Improperly replaced tire  No major signsReset the tires properly with an expert mechanic

Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Let's know the Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost in detail. Before we get into the comprehensive cost breakdowns, here is a summary table of the estimated costs:

Cost Association WithEstimated Costs (Each Tire)
Sensor Housing Replacement$100 - $750
Chip Replacement$80 - $150
Valve Stem Replacement$50 - $90
Battery Replacement$100 - $150

Replacement Costs For The Housing

Typically, the Honda Accord TPMS sensor replacement cost covers the housing replacement cost. It's between $100 and $750, depending on location, parts, and labor.

Like the labor accessibility and the parts brands, the taxes are not the same for all all-U.S. states. All these make an inconsistency in car repair costs.

Replacement Cost For The Chip

If you ask about the normal range of the Honda Civic TPMS sensor replacement cost, it's about $150/tire. You'd pay only $30 for the required parts, while the leftover money is for the labor.

The estimated costs may vary depending on the states, cities, parts, and labor. So, the Honda Fit TPMS sensor replacement cost, for example, won't be the same in all states for different relevant charges and rates.

Replacement Cost For The Valve Stem

Like other models, the Honda Odyssey TPMS sensor replacement cost may be the same. However, the replacement costs for the valve stem alone are much cheaper. A rubber valve step costs between $50 and $90, including parts and labor.

TPMS Sensor Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of the Honda TPMS sensor battery replacement is between $100 and $150. A battery of the TPMS sensor lasts up to 10 years. However, it may need a replacement if you find it's dead. 

Therefore, the Honda CR V TPMS sensor replacement cost can be about $150/tire. The battery price may vary for its type and product.

Why Do The Replacement Costs Vary?

When referring to a 2010 Honda Accord TPMS sensor replacement, the cost may be between $100 and $150, but it won't be the exact price. Indeed, this estimated price differs from state to city and city to city.

For instance, the normal labor cost range is $90 to $150 in some states. But some other states may require $100 to $200. Similarly, the prices of the parts are not the same for all brands. A standard part may cost $2, while it may rise to $20 for premium brands. 

You can save hundreds of dollars if you know how to replace the Honda TPMS sensor. It's because an hour of labor may cost around $150. So, doing the task yourself won't require paying for labor. You'd need to buy the necessary part to replace it.

Note: If you're experienced enough in doing car maintenance tasks with essential tools and technical knowledge, you should take the job to perform on your own. Otherwise, trying to get the job done by yourself may injure you and your car.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Replace A TPMS Sensor From A Tire Shop?

If they've professional mechanics, there is nothing wrong with replacing a damaged TPMS sensor from a local shop. So, always get this replacement job done by an expert mechanic. Otherwise, an inexperienced mechanic can make a shoddy replacement task that may impact tire performance.

How Long Does A TPMS Sensor Replacement Task Requires?

Replacing a faulty TPMS sensor will take ten minutes to one hour. It depends on the mechanic's expertise and techniques to find and fix the issues.

Can I Replace My TPMS Sensors Myself?

Literally, yes, you can. But technically, you should not do it. Frankly, the manufacturers (and we also) don't recommend replacing a TPMS sensor yourself if you don't have enough technical and practical knowledge and essential tools.

How To Reset A TPMS Sensor?

Honda TPMS sensor reset is easy, and you can do it yourself. First, locate the TPMS reset button and press plus hold it without leaving until the TPMS light blinks 3 times. After doing that, start your vehicle and leave it for 20 minutes. The TPMS sensor will be refreshed within this time.

What's The Location Of The TPMS Reset Button?

Typically, the Honda TPMS sensor location with its reset button is under the driving wheel. If you don't find it there, get the location from the owner's manual.

The Bottom Line

So, the post's summary entitled with the Honda TPMS sensor replacement cost is that you should pay up to $150 for a defective TPMS sensor. Some other related expenses, such as the dead battery, housing, and chips, may be around $50 if needed.

We also learned that the costs are not the same for all states and cities due to different taxes, labor, and parts prices. Moreover, the table of the reasons, symptoms, and solutions of a faulty TPMS sensor.

As a result, you're ready to fix the TPMS sensor issue because you know everything about the topic. Hopefully, you'll be able to drive your Honda with more safety with the optimum performance.

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