[How To] Honda Pilot Radio Upgrade: Improve Your Music Taste

Why do you want to perform a Honda Pilot radio upgrade? Upgrading your Honda Pilot radio system will give you an authentic and unmatched music taste you never enjoyed.

The Honda Pilot radio system isn’t as pleasant as its engine performance. Upgrading your current radio system with the up-to-date aftermarket radio system will make your driving happier.

An essential part of this guide is that you can complete this upgrading process yourself. It’ll help you save the money you’d need to pay a mechanic.

If you’re a Honda Pilot owner and thirst for better music, you’re just a few minutes away from fulfilling your passion. So, complete reading the entire post and be an auto pro like XYZ individuals.

Honda Pilot Radio Upgrade: Why Do You Need It?

We told in the introduction that the Honda Pilot’s radio system isn’t very impressive. The reason is that it doesn’t have amplifiers to generate high-quality music. If you’re ardent for a top-class musical experience, an aftermarket audio system can solve this problem.

Honestly, we suggest replacing your original radio system to taste better music with pleasant audio quality. Aftermarket radio systems have integrated amplifiers for a better 2011 Honda Pilot stereo upgrade.

As a result, you’ll get a clean, rich, and pleasing sound. Moreover, they have more useful features and tune controllers to meet the need of individual preferences. You can choose from the below; we’ve selected some of the best aftermarket radio systems for a 2006 Honda Pilot radio upgrade.

Best Aftermarket Radios For The Honda Pilot

We performed significant research to find some great alternatives to your original Honda Pilot radio. Check them and choose from the enlisted products for a 2010 Honda Pilot  radio upgrade to make your outdoor travel more enjoyable:

Product NameKey Features
Cocheparts Car Stereo, Android 10.0, Built-in Apple CarplayWheel control Multi-EQ & 9” touchscreen Android 10.o & 32GB memory
ZBARK Android 10.0 – IPS Touch ScreenHands-free call-receiving Multitouch screen Allows easy GPS navigation
For Honda-Pilot, Builtin Carplay & Android AutoWheel control Apple Carplay & Android Auto Bluetooth & GPS maps
LEXXSON Android 9.1, 9-inch TFT Touch ScreenPlug & Play Touchscreen with easy navigation Multimedia player compatibility

How To Replace Honda Pilot Radio System – Step By Step Guide

Replacing your old Honda Pilot radio system is a part of the Honda Pilot subwoofer upgrade process. When a new radio is in your hand, you just need to go through the below steps:

First Step – Initiating The Process

The first thing you must do is that disconnect the radio from its power source, the battery. Keep a lever and a screwdriver near you to help you with removal and installation steps.

When you start removing, do it carefully and keep the parts separate. Avoid potential scratches from the parts or tools on the dashboard.

Second Step – Starting With The Removal Process

Here we’ll keep the shift liver lower by moving it downward. When moving the left dash, you should use the pry tool carefully to glide over the shifter. Now, use the pry tool to remove its right panel.

There is a screw that has fixed the panel with the pocket. You can do the task easily with Philip’s head screwdriver. You’ll be able to detach the factory radio unit from the panel after unscrewing all screws.

Third Step – Finishing With Mounting The New Radio System

After unpacking the new radio system, check for all vital accessories and install it. The harness of the new radio will go with the black one. Remember, you must connect it to the previous radio sockets.

When you connect the new radio, check it to ensure it’s well installed. If it doesn’t turn on, check the connection and cable. Finally, keep the newly installed radio system in the dash and reinsert the screws and other related things correctly.

Tips To Follow Before You Install The New Radio

Before you jump into the installation method, read the steps once again and be sure about everything. If something makes you confused, contact a mechanic or dealership.

Indeed, we suggest you visit a service center if you’re not confident enough to perform the installation task yourself. Another important thing to remember before installing the new radio system is to check the product's compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How To Fix A Honda Radio Without The Code?

When you want to unlock the Honda radio without getting help with any code, turn your car ignition on (it doesn’t mean starting the engine on) and turn it off if it wants the code. Then, press the power button and don’t leave it before 50 seconds. Thus, you can unlock your car radio within a minute.

What Is The Location Of The Honda Pilot Radio Serial Number?

You can get the Honda Pilot radio serial number in the Glovebox sticker. The owner’s manual is another place to look for it. Otherwise, visit the Honda OEM website to get the serial number.

Can I Replace My Car Radio With Any Aftermarket Product?

Most auto technicians and specialists don’t suggest using any aftermarket car radio for their users. Whenever you need to replace your car radio system, always choose the compatible one. Also, check the size and the features you’re seeking.

Why Should I Upgrade My Car Stereo?

Improving the audio quality is the key reason for upgrading your car stereo. Your car has factory-installed audio with speakers and amplifiers in the head unit. It gives you the standard audio output. But, replacing the oil stereo with a compatible aftermarket product with enhancing the sound quality to some levels higher. It’ll give you the best musical experience to entertain you on the long drive.

Is It Worth Dealership Radio Upgrade?

A dealership radio upgrade is better than any other option. They have original health units and OEM accessories unavailable in most mechanic shops. Also, there are auto specialists to help you provide advice and service that fits best for your car.

Does Upgrading/Replacing Car Radio Affect Insurance?

Replacing the car radio alone doesn’t affect your insurance. But the best practice is to discuss the issue with your insurer before you upgrade the car radio system.

Does Replacing/Upgrading Car Radio Invalidate The Warranty?

Replacing the car radio with an aftermarket part won’t invalidate the warranty. But some dealerships may suggest you avoid upgrading the radio system other than their service center.

The Bottom Line

You have many options for the Honda Pilot radio upgrade if you want to improve the sound quality. You’ll get better and cleaner audio while upgrading with a new subwoofer and amplifier.

In addition, the aftermarket radio system will help you get pleasant music with more useful features. And we’ve educated you on installing the new radio system in your car.


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