Honda Pilot Hood Won’t Close – Reasons & Solutions

What makes the Honda Pilot hood won't close? The most common reasons include corroded and worn-out hoods, followed by others.

You must avoid driving your car when you have an issue with the hood and can't close it properly. It's extremely dangerous. Driving a car with an open hood can cause a big smashup to injure you, your car, and the victims of the incident. 

Typically, a hood remains on the radiator and the engine behind the headlights. It protects the engine and its surroundings from external substances, like water, frost, air, etc. If the hood isn't closing, you'll not get protection for the inner parts of your car.

All Honda Pilot owners must know why the hood won't close with their solutions. We'll discuss the reasons for this issue and their potential solutions. So, don't leave it until you reach the end of the post.

Why Honda Pilot Hood Won't Close – Let's Clarify It In Brief

Corrosion is the leading cause when the Honda Pilot hood latch won't close all the way. The buildup of corrosion on the hood's handle makes it tough to close. Also, if the hood latch has imperfections, you won't be able to close it.

Similarly, the hood won't close if it has broken in the collision. In addition, a corroded release wire can make the hood hard or won't close even if you apply extra strength.

Frost and extreme weather conditions may also be responsible for the 2012 Honda Pilot hood latch sensor being stuck. Usually, frost keeps the hood locked, and you can't open it. But if you leave your hood open for a long time, it can be stiff to close.

Reasons & Solutions Of The Honda Pilot Hood Won't Close

We've got some reasons from the above discussion. We'll get them in detail below. But before we dive into the lengthy discussion, here is a summary table for the Honda Pilot hood latch mechanism problem's reasons and solutions:

Corrosion BuildupApply sealant/wax or replace the latch
Bad hood latchLubricate/replace the latch
Rusty Release WireAdjust/replace the release wire
Broken Hood By CollisionAlign the hood latch
Jammed Release WireUse grease/replace the wire
FrostDefrost and apply grease

Corrosion Buildup

The Honda Pilot model problems are discussed for the stuck hood. As the hood pins are cession-prone, they become stiff, so you can't open and close the hood easily. When the pins get in touch with outer bodies like water, air, and frost, they start accumulating corrosion.

How To Fix It

As "prevention is better than cure," using corrosion-proof pins is a straightforward method to bypass the issue. Also, you can avoid corrosion by using sealant or wax regularly.

When the issue has already stuck to the hood, the hood latch has probably been damaged by corrosion. You can fix it by replacing the broken hood latch instead of repairing it for the best result.

A Bad Hood Latch

2005 Honda Pilot hood latch won't close may happen for a bad hood latch. If the latch is caught when you keep the hood open, it becomes almost impossible to release by pulling the wire.

How To Fix It

Applying some lubricant should fix the issue. Otherwise, you need to replace the defective latch.

Rusty Release Wire

We learned that growing up, corrosion on pins creates a 2005 Honda Pilot hood latch won't close. Likewise, a rusty release wire also can cause the problem.

Another name of the issue is the Honda Pilot hood latch recall. According to the manufacturer, the problem usually occurs when air enters the grill gap on the hood latch.

How To Fix It

Reinstalling the release wire at the correct point will help you fix the problem. But replacing the wire is the best if it's too much rusty.

Broken Hood By Collision

The hood locates at the front side of your car. So, it may be damaged by a simple collision or minor mishap. When the hood becomes displaced from its correct alignment, it can lock the Honda Pilot hood latch sensor. It'll make the hood stuck, and you won't close it.

How To Fix It

Aligning the hood latch to the correct position will fix the issue. Find out the area damaged by the crash and grease that part and the striker to make it easygoing.

Jammed Release Wire

A jammed release wire is to blame for a bad 2011 Honda Pilot hood latch sensor. The wire can be stuck for different reasons, including misalignment and wear out of the hood latch.

How To Fix It

If the wire isn't damaged, apply some grease to fix the issue. Otherwise, replace the damaged wire to solve the issue.


It's a rare reason that can stick the hood open. This may happen for scenery if you keep your car hood open interminably.

How To Fix It

Remove the accumulated frost and apply some grease to make it flexible. It may take time to defrost and normalize the hood's actions.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Does A Hood Latch Recall Mean?

A hood latch recall indicates when the primary hood opens in a collision. Also, it may happen if you pull out the release lever of the hood. But the situation doesn't involve engaging the secondary hood latch that allows you to open and close while driving.

What's The Hood Struts Mileage?

You can use the hood struts for more than 50,000 miles or until crashes damage it.

How Do I Fix A Open Hood Problem?

Clean the accumulated dirt, dust, and rust from the hood latch because they're the critical causes of the issue. If you can't fix the problem by cleaning it, you may need to replace the hood latch.

Is It Permitted To Drive With A Defective Hood Latch?

Literally, a damaged hood latch can't prevent you from driving your car. However, we don't suggest driving your car unnecessarily as it can be a big reason for unexpected collisions.

What's The Average Cost To Fix A Hood Latch?

Fixing a hood latch costs about $223, including labor and parts. But it may be less ($94) or more ($351) depending on locations, additional taxes, and availability of work.

Can I Start My Car When The Hood Is Open?

Yes, but not always; you can start a car when the hood is open. The situations include driving your car, and the hood opening suddenly, and you need to take your car to some safe sides for extreme weather conditions or collisions.

The Bottom Line

You learned why and when the Honda Pilot hood won't close. Also, you've got some tips to fix the related reasons. Hopefully, you can fix the problem if it happens to you.

The open hood latch seems to be a simple issue. But it can be severe and the root cause of mishaps. We suggest you check your car hood with other routine maintenance.

Bring the car to a safe place if the hood doesn't open. And fix it immediately to avoid damage to your car, your own, and your passengers.

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