Honda Accord Sunroof Drain Location For The Accord Series

Where does the sunroof drain locate on the Honda Accord? The pan’s rear and front corners on the passenger’s and driver’s side are the location of the sunroof drain that’s prolonged to the ground under the interior of the car. We’ll clarify the spot throughout this entire post.

Getting out the Honda Accord sunroof drain location may be crucial when the drainpipe becomes blocked. Some foreign bodies, like dirt and debris, can clog the drainpipe, which can’t help the car protect from potential water damage.  

Thus, the drainpipe of the sunroof gets meaningless and requires fixing as soon as possible. But you won’t be able to do it until you know the vehicle’s sunroof drain location. Through this article, we’ll help you locate the sunroof drain with essential information, including the common issues and their solutions.

Honda Accord Sunroof Drain Location – An Overview

A 2001 Honda Accord sunroof drain typically locates on the passenger and driver sides. The sunroof drain works as a passage of draining out the rainwater from the rooftop to the outside of the vehicle efficiently.

However, this drain is vulnerable to being blocked by outer dirt, leaves, and debris very often. Blockage in the drainpipe hinders the water flow that may cause the  Honda Accord water to leak driver side or under the car. It happens for water overflow in the basin.

Let’s Locate The Honda Accord Sunroof Drain

We’ve told briefly in the introduction about the 2007 Honda Accord sunroof drain location. Yeah, here we’ll discover it from the brake pedals left of the driver’s side. There is a 3 to 4 inches long clear, detached tube of the sunroof.

Also, you’ll discover a back tube when you take out the kickboard. It’ll help you get the tube in your hand. Then, get to the fuse box and remove them, but do it carefully and keep all removed fuses aside to replace. After removing the fuses, you’ll find a compartment with a black tube.

This back tube carries water from the vehicle's top to the bottom. You should get it under the fuse wires if you don't find it there. Usually, the front drain moves down to the A-pillar amid the door and the windshield, while the rear drain moves through the C-pillar.

After opening it completely, you’ll find the sunroof drain in its four corners. The drain will be reachable after removing its cover. In short, you’ll discover the 2010 Honda Accord sunroof drain location on the roof center.

Sunroof Drain Issues, Reasons & Solutions

As an owner of the Honda Accord, you must know about the common Honda Accord sunroof problems, reasons, and potential solutions. We’ve made a brief of them.

It could be a 2009 Honda Accord roof leak or something else; let’s take a quick look at in a summary table:

Sunroof leaksClogged drain/ worn rubberClean the drainpipes
Shattered sunroofCracked/broken sunroofRepair the sunroof
Sunroof won’t closeElectrical issuesRepair/replace the wires
Sunroof rattlingLack of lubricationLubricate the sunroof’s shifting parts
Warmer car inside Direct sunlightSunroof cover

How Much Does Sunroof Drain Repair Cost?

A 2000 Honda Accord sunroof drain tube replacement may need a repair cost between $200 and $800. But it can be higher if you want to replace the sunroof glass and other issues arise. Here is the list for the common sunroof drain repair:

Broken Sunroof Motor$100 – $500
Leaking SunroofAround $500
Damaged Sunroof Cable/TrackOver $800
Broken Glass$200 – $500

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where Does The Sunroof Drain Tube Reside?

You should discover the sunroof drain at the corners of the sunroof’s pan assembly. The drain starts from the top of the roof and passes through the car interior to the ground.
What Are The Symptoms Of The Clogged Sunroof Drain?

When a sunroof drain becomes clogged, it warns with signs, including wet headliner, wet roof pillar, water dripping, water pooling, and damp carpet.

How To Close The Sunroof Manually On The Honda Accord?

An Open/Close button on the power sunroof switches remains on the driver’s side. The button has two parts; the upper side has an open icon, while the downside has a closed icon. So, when it’s open, you should press and hold the down part of the button. It’ll close the sunroof manually. Also, you can open it by pressing and holding the upper part.

How To Avoid The Sunroof Clogging?

You can clear the accumulated dirt by moving the wire up and down. In case of visible debris, you should clean them with a rinse or a vacuum. Also, using the air compressor can be a good method to remove the dirt from the drainpipes. Practicing all these tips regularly will help you avoid sunroof clogging.

Why Does The Sunroof Drip In Heavy Rain?

Plugged-up drains of the sunroof cause dripping. The rainwater can’t pass through the drainpipe and get back to the reverse by leaking. You can check the Honda Accord water leak under a car by opening the sunroof at the corners.

Why Does The Sunroof Stop Working?

The dead motor, a damaged switch, and a blown fuse can be common reasons for the sunroof’s issues, like stopping working. It may happen for corroding due to aging of the vehicle. Besides, clogs for debris and dirt can make this issue, which is easy to fix.

The Bottom Line

Discovering the Honda Accord sunroof drain location isn’t a common thing. But it can be obvious when you get dripping the car inside from heavy rain. Also, you may need to look for the drainpipe location when there is an issue with the shattered sunroof, won’t open/close, irregular sound, and warmer car inside.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the sunroof drainpipes are vital to get better service. A well-preserved sunroof gives you better sunlight and an outer view. With a lack of routine maintenance, you’ll have several problems with a sunroof drain.

Despite a clear explanation, you must contact a technician if you have trouble getting a 2007 Honda Accord trunk leak. It does not recommend working with confusion in mind regarding car issues.

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