Honda Accord Paint Code Location – Get For All Accord Series

Where does the Honda Accord paint code locate? The drive-side door jamb and the service tag are the main locations of the Honda Accord’s paint code, so you must start searching from those places.

The Honda Accord paint code location comes with a sticker. This code is crucial to paint your car with the perfect color. The wrong color code won’t help you accurately choose and set the color. As a result, you must know the specific color code suitable for your car before you order it.

You might think it’s a tough issue to match the precise color. Indeed, it isn’t a problem if you know the paint code location of your Honda Accord. If you’re still confused, we’ll help you overcome it. Let’s get the Honda paint codes list, how to get it, and other related information.

Where Is The Honda Accord Paint Code Location?

We’ve learned that the paint code on the Honda Accord may be available on the drive side’s door jamb and the service tags. But you can also get them some other spots. For example, if a 2003 Honda Accord paint code location comes on the firewall, it’s nothing surprising.

So, it’s clear that the paint code location of the Honda Accord comes in different spots. Here is the Honda paint codes list that will help you find yours with ease:

Car ModelPaint Code Location
Honda Accord seriesDrive side door jamb
 Passenger’s side
 Driver’s side of the engine bay
 Near the firewall
 Inside the engine bay

Honda Accord Paint Code Location – A Brief Discussion

Drive Side Door Jamb

You can get the 2002 Honda Accord paint codes on the driver-side door jamb. Also, it’s the most common paint code location for Honda cars. So, if you want to discover your vehicle's paint code, look at the door jamb in the beginning.

Passenger’s Side

While looking for a 2002 Honda Accord paint code location, the passenger’s side can be another spot to get it. But don’t forget to search on the door jamb first.

Driver’s Side Of The Engine Bay

The engine bay of the driver’s side is good to look for a 2001 Honda Accord paint code location if you don’t get it in the previously mentioned places. 

Near The Firewall

A 1999 Honda Accord paint code location may be visible near the firewall. And why not? It’s one of the listed locations. So, check the firewall when you fail to find the paint code somewhere else. You should get it there.

Inside The Engine Bay

Finally, inside the engine bay can be the last hope for a 1998 Honda Accord paint code location. If you fail to get the paint code from all these spots, you must contact the dealer with the VIN. They’ll provide you with the precise paint color code for your Honda Accord.

How To Locate Honda Paint Code By VIN Sticker?

When you fail to discover the Honda Accord paint code. Using the VIN sticker can be a rescuer. Getting the Honda color code by VIN is simple. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Get the VIN or window sticker.
  • Find out a nearby Honda dealer.
  • Provide your car’s VIN to the dealer and request the paint code.
  • They’ll provide you with the exact paint code you’re looking for.

How To Understand The Paint Code Of The Honda Accord?

Apart from a 1997 Honda Accord paint code location, understanding the paint code is also essential for the users. It comes with some letters, numbers, and dashes. The paint of the Honda Accord maybe 4 to 8 digits long.

For example, Honda paint code: NH731P is symbolized with a Crystal Black Pearl color. We’ve made a chart with the Honda Accord color codes and their meaning to get things simpler:

Honda Color Codes

Color CodeMeaning
311607Candy Red Metallic
B506MIce Blue Metallic
B530MOcean Mist Metallic
B531MCrystal Aqua Metallic
B532POpulent Blue Pearl
B536P, B536P-4Royal Blue Pearl
B537M, B537M-4Atomic Blue Metallic
B538MBluish Silver Metallic/Glacier Blue Metallic
B548PBlue Sensation Pearl
B549MTidewater Blue Metallic
B551PBelize Blue Pearl
B552PBali Blue Pearl
B553PVortex Blue Pearl
B561PDyno Blue Pearl
B562POmni Blue Pearl
B563MAozora Blue Metallic
B568MAzure Blue Metallic
B572PMediterranean Blue Pearl
B91MCrystal Blue Metallic
B92P, B92P-4Nighthawk Black Pearl
BG53MClear Sky Blue Metallic
G530MMystic Green Metallic
G532MOpal Sage Metallic
GY26PPremium Night Desert Gold
NH193PWhite Pearl
NH295MSparkling Silver Metallic
NH578Taffeta White
NH603PWhite Diamond Pearl
NH623MSatin Silver Metallic
NH624PPremium White Pearl
NH642MStorm Silver Metallic
NH674PCosmic Gray Pearl
NH676MMoon Rock Metallic
NH679MSlate Green Metallic
NH684PMagnetic Pearl/Sparkle Gray Pearl
NH686MLakeshore Silver Metallic
NH700M, NH700M – 4, NH700M-4Alabaster Silver Metallic
NH701M, NH701M-4Galaxy Gray Metallic
NH711MWhistler Silver Metallic
NH731PCrystal Black Pearl
NH736MVolcano Gray Metallic
NH737MPolished Metal Metallic
NH743MBuran Silver Metallic
NH756PSpectrum White Pearl
NHA16PPearl Cool White Metallic
PB83PBlackberry Pearl
R513, R513 – 4, R513-4Rallye Red
R525P, R525P-4Tango Red Pearl
R529PDark Cherry Pearl
R530PBasque Red Pearl
R537MStar Garnet Metallic
R538PMidnight Red Pearl
R539PPassion Red Pearl
R81Milano Red
R94, R94-3San Marino Red
Y66PVivid Yellow Pearl
YR524MNaples Gold Metallic
YR559MChampagne Silver Metallic
YR566MBorrego Beige Metallic
YR571PNew Deep Bronze Pearl
YR573MMocha Metallic
YR574MBold Beige Metallic
YR575MTuscan Beige Metallic
YR576MOrange Revolution Metallic
YR577PRedline Orange Pearl
YR578MUrban Titanium Metallic
YR579MCitrus Fire Metallic
YR582PPremium Hidamari Ivory Pearl

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Do You Need To Find a Honda Accord Paint Code Location?

Searching for the paint code location can be obvious for your vehicle when it gets scratches, collisions, and color priming parts. Also, you’ll need it when you consider practicing for certain weathering.  

What’s The Most Common Location For The Honda Accord Paint Code?

A paint code comes with a sticker, usually available in the service tag in the door jamb. The bottom of the tag has the paint code in the middle of the line.

Where Does The Paint Code On A 2007 Honda Accord Locate?

All Honda Accord series have the paint code in the same place. Indeed, you’ll find it with the service tag on the door jamb.

How To Match A Car’s Paint Without Its Code?

You can get your car’s paint matched without the code from the service history and the user’s manual. Besides, googling your car’s particular model and using the spectrophotometer can simplify your paint color matching.

How Much Does A Entire Vehicle Repaint Cost?

The basic repainting cost for a whole car is between $300 to $1,000. Getting repainted in the standard will cost between $1000 and $4500, which includes sanding, rust removal, and painting. If you want the showroom quality paint, the cost may range from $5000 to $20,000. It includes high-quality paint with 24 coats, rust, denting removal, etc. This may take up to one month to complete the painting job.

The Bottom Line

You’re all set to find the Honda accord paint code location to order the correct paint for your car. Repainting a vehicle becomes obvious when it gets scratches, dents, and collisions. Also, you need the paint code when you want to replace the existing paint despite everything being fine.

Whatever the reasons are, you must ensure the correct paint code to get the exact color. For instance, the paint code of the 2020 Honda Accord is B-588PB which it’s B-588P for the 2021 Honda Accord. Here is a minor difference between these two colors. But if you alter with one another, it’ll make a huge disparity.

Hopefully, all the provided information will be helpful for you to avoid any issues regarding the paint code location and paint code color understanding.

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