Troubleshooting Honda Accord Glove Box Won’t Close Issue

Is your Honda Accord glove box won't close? It could be due to broken latches, a faulty lock assembly, or a box hinge. Don't fret! Replacing these parts should resolve the issue.

However, it's essential to proceed with caution during the replacement process. You may feel a bit lost if you're unfamiliar with these procedures.

But fear not! This article will guide you through everything. And after reading it entirely and carefully, you'll know to fix your Honda Accord's glove box independently.

Honda Accord Glove Box Won't Close: Why & What To Do

The glove box in many Honda Accord models often fails to open due to problematic parts like the latch, hinge, or lock assembly.

Broken latchesSwitch out the latch mechanism
Faulty lock assemblyInstall a new glove compartment handle
Broken glove box hingeReplace the hinge setup for the glove box
Clogged bottom trackClear the obstruction in the bottom track
Jammed hingeClean the hinge that is obstructed

Your Honda Accord's glove box may not open for a few reasons. Here's why it occurs and how you can address the issue.

Reason 1: Broken Latches

The latches holding your glove box are broken, which causes a 2017 Honda Accord glove box won't close. They keep the front lid attached to the box. If the lid is damaged, the box won't stay closed.


To fix this, you can replace the latch. However, it's not an easy process. An alternative solution is to use glove box magnets from a repair kit.

Here's What To Do:
  • Replace the screws holding the compartment with new magnetic screws.
  • Drill holes in the glove box door.
  • Screw in another set of magnetic screws.
  • Place extra magnets on top of the screws from the first step. When you close the glove box door, the magnet should keep it closed.

Reason 2: Faulty Lock Assembly

If the lock assembly is incompatible with the glove box, it won't close. The lock assembly ensures the door and box stay closed.


Replace the faulty lock assembly to resolve a 2019 Honda Accord glove box removal issue. The lock assembly is connected to the handle assembly of the glove compartment. So, you'll need to replace the handle to fix the lock assembly.

Here's What To Do:
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the handle assembly in place.
  • Remove the handle assembly.
  • Replace it with a new one.
  • Tighten the screws on the glove box. Now your glove compartment should close seamlessly.

Reason 3: Broken Glove Box Hinge

A common reason for a 2018 Honda Accord glove box won't close is a broken hinge. The hinge connects the glove box door to the main compartment, allowing it to swing open and close. If the hinge is damaged, it won't keep the box closed.


Replace the broken hinge with a new one using a glove box door hinge repair kit.

Here's What To Do:
  • Obtain a glove box door hinge repair kit.
  • Locate the hinge where the door attaches to the glove box.
  • Access the hinge from underneath the dashboard.
  • Remove the old hinge setup.
  • Install the new hinge setup. Once the hinge is replaced, your glove box should close without issues.

Reason 4: Clogged Bottom Track or Hinge

If something is stuck in the bottom track or the hinge, the glove box won't open. For instance, if the cabin air filter falls off, it can jam the hinge. In both cases, the glove box door won't move.


To fix a 2018 Honda Accord glove box removal issue, remove the obstruction causing the blockage.

Here's What To Do:
  • Open the glove box door.
  • Push the door onto the sides to fully open it.
  • Check the bottom track for any obstructions.
  • Clear the blockage by removing the obstruction.
  • Put everything back in place. This should resolve the clogged bottom track and allow your glove box to close again.

Reason 5: Jammed hinge

If The Hinge Gets Jammed, Follow These Steps:

  • Remove the glove box by gently pushing its sidewalls inward, creating access to the lock tab.
  • Rotate and lower the glove box to locate the jammed hinge.
  • Clear any obstructions from the hinge.
  • Push the hinge back into its original position.
  • Ensure the hinge has aligned correctly with the correct pin.
  • Secure the piston assembly onto the two locking pins before closing the glove box door. Your glove box should now open and close smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Won't My Honda Accord Glove Box Close?

If your Honda Accord glove box won't close, it's likely due to a misaligned latch or something blocking the closing mechanism.

How Can I Realign The Latch To Close My Honda Accord Glove Box?

To realign the latch and close the glove box, gently move the door while applying light pressure on the latch until it clicks into place.

What Should I Do If An Object Obstructs The Glove Box Closure?

If something blocks the glove box from closing, carefully remove it to allow the latch to engage correctly. Avoid using excessive force to avoid damage.

Can Faulty Hinges Cause Issues With The Glove Box Closing?

Worn or damaged hinges can also prevent the glove box from closing properly. In such cases, replacing the hinges may be necessary to fix the problem.

Could A Faulty Locking Mechanism Be Why My Honda Accord Glove Box Won't Close?

Yes, a malfunctioning locking mechanism can contribute to the issue. Consult a qualified technician for glove box repair near me to inspect and determine if it requires repair or replacements.


Dealing with the issue Honda Accord glove box won’t close can be frustrating, but the solutions mentioned in this article offer simple fixes. By following these steps, you can quickly resolve the issue and enjoy hassle-free usage of your glove box.

To avoid such inconveniences, remember to carefully handle the air filter cleaning process and never force the glove compartment shut. Additionally, avoid overloading the glove box with heavy objects to prevent potential breakage.

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