Forward Emergency Braking System Warning Light – Reasons & Fixes

Why does the warning light of the forward emergency braking system turn on? This warning light becomes active to save the driver’s life in extreme driving condition by dropping down the brake pad in the event of a collision.

But the forward emergency braking system warning light can be blinking for other reasons. These include damaged sensors, weather conditions, and many more. You’ll be able to learn them all by reading the entire post.

Well, regardless of the reasons, having this warning light is irritating and can impact driving your car with pointless breaks. It doesn’t mean this braking system is useless, but sometimes it can obstruct your car's driving.

We’ve designed this content with all the related information you need to know about the warning light of the emergency braking system. It includes the reasons, fixes, replacement costs, and other topics worth learning about. 

What's Forward Emergency Braking System Warning Light?

It can be synonymous if we compare the forward emergency braking system with a helpful devil. This brake indeed saves lives in an emergency. However, the forward emergency braking system warning light Nissan Altima or other models may activate differently.

It’s a unique technological system designed to slow down and stop the vehicle in case of an accident. This braking system has a sensor to warn the central monitoring unit regarding nearby objects or vehicles.

When the sensor gets damaged, the system stops the vehicle abruptly, even if nothing is worth this stoppage. Apart from a bad sensor, some other reasons create this issue needlessly.

Forward Emergency Braking System Warning Light – Reasons & Solutions

A lot of users have benefited from this emergency braking system. So, we can’t ignore its value. However, it also has drawbacks like other valuable technologies.

We’ll learn all possible reasons behind the forward emergency braking system warning light Nissan Murano and all other models and brands.

Before we dive into the discussion, let’s get a table of the reasons and fixes for the forward emergency braking system warning light turn-on:

Extreme weather conditionsClean/replace the affected sensor
Dented sensorsClean/replace the affected sensor
Connection mattersReplace/reconnect the wires
Faulty ECUReplace wires, sensors, and actuators; Or the ECU
Unintentional Activation of FEBS LightDeactivate the FEBS light
Automatic mechanism Replace wires, sensors, and actuators/ECU

Extreme Weather Conditions

Usually, extreme weather conditions, like rain and snow, aren’t suitable for driving a car. It can be more complicated when the forward emergency braking system warning light Nissan Rogue is turned on without urgency.

The water and snow can cover the sensor in such weather, leading to the automatic activation of the forward braking system. As a result, you may get the vehicle stopped anywhere on the road, even in the middle place.

How To Fix It

Clean dirt from the sensor's lens using a soft cloth to fix the issue. In some cases, you may need to use a cleaning solution for the lens to remove tough born dirt or blockage of corrosion. But if the corrosion damaged the sensor widely, you may need to replace it immediately.

Dented Sensors

The Collision Warning light in Nissan and the forward emergency braking system warning light Nissan Qashqai may both be activated for a dented sensor. You can get the same reasons and symptoms for the clogged sensors.

How To Fix It

It’s crucial to perform a thorough and visual checkup without delay. You need to scan the sensor to identify the issue. If you find an accumulation of dirt on the sensor, clean them with a soft cloth. If it works, that’s fine. Otherwise, you must replace the sensors.

Connection Matters

If you get the forward emergency braking system warning light Nissan is blinking, and everything is working fine, the wiring problems may be responsible for the issue. These include short circuits for broken insulation or loosely connected wires, abrasion, and corrosion.

When those issues prevent the sensors from getting electric power, they can’t work correctly. Therefore, the system activates the warning light, and the car stops suddenly.

How To Fix It

Check the wires and find short circuits or loose connections. And replace or reconnect the cables. Also, look for damage and corrosion on the wires.

Faulty ECU

How to turn off the forward emergency braking warning light? You might have knocked all above said causes but failed to fix them. The ECU (electronic control unit) can cause this issue when it malfunctions. This ECU monitors and manages everything, including the emergency braking sensors.

You can get the Nissan forward emergency braking warning light flashing when the ECU doesn’t function properly. It happens for the lousy wiring terminals, actuators, and sensors.

How To Fix It

Check the related wiring terminals, sensors, and actuators. If they’re defective, replace them. Otherwise, the system will be regular by replacing the whole ECU if there is an internal circuit issue.

Unintentional Activation of FEBS Light

Are you still seeking, “why is my forward emergency braking light on?” Most possibly, you might have accidentally activated the FEBS light, which is causing the issue. It’ll not stop your car entirely, but you’ll get it at a slow speed.

How To Fix It

Simply deactivate the FEBS light.

Automatic Mechanism

Sometimes, the FEBS light can be turned on without any emergency. It’s dangerous when you discover your car stopped in the middle of the road.

How To Fix It

Turn your car’s ignition off to stop it. Then, switch the FEB on once again.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Emergency Braking System?

Brand/ModelsYearsEstimated Costs
Toyota Corolla2015$796 - $968
Toyota RAV42008$304 - $349
BMW 330i2018$479 - $585
BMW M32009$409 - $497
Ford F-1502016$254 - $296
Ford F-1502007$281 - $332
Nissan Altima2015$279 - $330
Nissan Sentra2007$296 - $342
Volkswagen Passat2018$253 - $295
Volkswagen Jetta2008$297 - $345

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Switch Off The Forward Emergency Braking Warning Light Nissan Rogue?

“Why is my forward emergency braking light blinking, and what to do now” are common queries for Nissan Rogue users. To do it, locate “Settings” from the driver menu. Then, press “Driver Assistance” from there. You’ll get the “Emergency Braking” option here, click it, and then choose “Rear.” Change the option to “Off” to reset the FEBS light.

Where Does The Forward Emergency Braking Sensor Locate On The Nissan?

You should find the sensor behind the lower grille. This sensor warns you when it gets anything closer to your vehicle, including cars, humans, etc. The system monitors this issue and activates the emergency brake to avoid a collision.

Should I Drive My Car With The Emergency Brake Light On?

When you get the emergency braking light warning, you must never drive your car. This light warns you about possible collisions and will soon brake the car to avoid mishaps. But if you continue driving your car with this alert, you must be proceeding yourself to a fatal accident.

Can The Emergency Brake Harm My Car?

Activating the emergency brake light will impact slightly on the fuel economy. However, if you ignore it and keep driving, it’ll severely damage your car engine internally. Therefore, you must avoid driving with this warning and fix it immediately.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the forward emergency braking system warning light is a vital approach to prevent you from potential mishaps. But it can bring adverse results if it becomes active and stops your car abruptly in the middle of the road.

You can avoid further damage from the unnecessary FEBS light by realizing the working method of this technology. Also, you must take the correct safety measures to drive your car.

And importantly, you should take this warning light seriously whenever you get it. All these things will help you keep your own and others near you safe every time you drive your car.

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