Ford Window Sticker Lookup – Several Methods To Obtain It

Ford Window Sticker Lookup – Several Methods To Obtain It

What to do when you have lost your Ford’s window sticker? If you have the VIN, a Ford window sticker lookup becomes the simplest way. There are other methods to find out window stickers, including Ford’s official website and lookup tools.

When you lose the window sticker, you can face difficulties selling or buying an old car. This window sticker contains much useful information that becomes important to purchase or selling a used car.

For example, you want to know about the retail price and warranty of the Ford car you'll buy. Getting those data is impossible until you have the window sticker. Moreover, the sticker also includes fuel economy, engine history, etc.

All new vehicles come with window stickers with the details of the engine, transmission, and much more information. It’s a valuable document of your car, and you can’t ignore its importance. So, let’s know how to get a Ford window sticker free with other related information.

Ford Window Sticker Lookup – An Overview

The first thing to know is what, Indeed, the window sticker is. The window sticker is another name for the Monroney sticker, a collection of statics regarding a vehicle.

When it comes to the Ford window sticker, it’s all about the Ford car, including manufacturing price, engine details, transmission info, and many more essential data.

Manufacturers include the window sticker on every car as it’s required by automotive law 1958. If car dealers change or lose this sticker, they should pay a penalty of $1000. But it isn’t legally required for automobiles heavier than 3856 kg (8500 pounds).

Why Do You Need To Get A Ford Window Sticker For?

When purchasing a used Ford vehicle, homework is a must. You might think the car’s history records are enough for this purpose. But it’s not sufficient for many reasons. You must get a window sticker that will give you vital information. Some of them are as below:

MSRP Of The Vehicle

The MSRP (manufacturer-suggested retail price) is available on the window sticker. So, the dealers can’t sell any car for more than that price. Thus, you'll get the vehicle's original price when you want to buy or sell an old Ford.

Warranty Information

You’ll learn about the warranty of different components of your car from the window sticker. For example, you need to get information about the powertrain warranty. You must get the window sticker to avail your preferred data.

Fuel Consuming Ratings

Knowing the fuel consumption rates is extremely vital before you buy a car. The essential information comes with the window sticker regarding highway and city levels’ fuel-consuming ratings.

History Of The Engine & Transmission

Most buyers will check for old vehicles because this is the most important thing. The engine and transmission history come in detail on the window sticker.

It’ll give you information about the vehicle’s model, making year, engine type, transmission system, and many more. For instance, you’re looking for the F350 window sticker to know the making years of the vehicle you’re going to buy.

Several Tests Scores 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides some test ratings of the vehicles every year. If you get a car with a 5-star rating, it’ll give you maximum road safety. In this case, we can say that the Ford Mustang scored 5-start ratings in all the tests, including rollover, side collision, and front crash. You’ll get these ratings on the window sticker.

Data About Inner Components

The window sticker will tell you about the vehicle's inner parts, like the number of components. It’s valuable for buyers and sellers regarding old Ford cars.

What Is VIN? Where Does VIN Reside In The Ford Vehicle?

Vehicle Identification Number is known briefly as VIN (some say VIN number). VIN is a code that comes with each car in different numbers and alphabets that’s helpful for buyers and sellers to identify the car type.

The location of VIN can be different depending on the making years of the Ford cars. Here is a list of possible VIN locations:

Vehicle ManufacturerVIN Locations
FordIn the vehicle’s title
 In the vehicle registration
 Near the driver’s side
 Near passenger doorjamb
 The car’s firewall
 Under the hood of the engine block
 In the dealer’s records
 Driver side’s windshield
 Near the steering column

Are A VIN Decoder And A Window Sticker The Same?

They’re different things. You can get various data about the var using a VIN decoder. It’s a useful tool that helps you get information about a vehicle’s model, years, serial number, plant address, and many more.

Besides, all cars must have a window stickers, which is a legal obligation in the U.S. A window sticker should provide essential data, including VIN, engine & transmission history, components details, and fuel economy. So, you can accomplish the Ford F150 window sticker lookup using a VIN decoder.

How To Perform A Ford Window Sticker Lookup By VIN?

You can effortlessly attain the window sticker using VIN. We learned the reasons and usefulness of the window sticker. Let’s know how to get an Original window sticker by VIN free and by paying:

Ford Official Website

Firstly, visit Ford official website to get any model and year, such as the Ford Explorer window sticker by VIN. It’s easy to get a window sticker using VIN. Simply enter the website and follow the on-screen instructions.

Lookup Tool

Among the Ford window sticker lookup free alternatives, using a look-up tool is very common. You’ll get the window sticker from the NHTSA official website we referred to. Check it on various third-party websites if you don’t find it on the NHTSA site.

Auto Dealer

Visiting your car dealer is another good way to avail of the window sticker. The auto dealers keep a copy of the sold vehicle. So, for the  Ford Mustang window sticker lookup, you can get it easily from your dealer using the VIN.

The Port Of Origin

All the methods as mentioned earlier are knocked, and you’re still questioning: ‘how can I get my Ford window sticker?’ you have one more and final option to get the window sticker, the port of origin.

The port authority should save a copy of your car, and you can get it from them using the VIN number. When the Ford window sticker lookup not working by any means, it’s the last and must-get option.

How To Decode A Ford Window Sticker Using VIN

The VIN works like a tracking ID for the Ford window sticker decoder. The numbers and alphabets in the VIN are unique, meaning they don’t match other cars’ VIN. It’s a 17-digit code that contains the synopsis of a car. Here is how to read a VIN:

1st Digit: Usually, a VIN starts with a number, 1, which indicates the country code. If it’s 1, the country of origin is the USA. Moreover, 4 and 5 also stand for the United States.

2nd Digit: The second digit tells you about the producer's identification code. It should be the initial letter from the manufacturing company.

3rd Digit: You can learn about the type of vehicle from the third digit.

4th – 8th Digits: They come with vehicle info, like model, engine, transmission, controls, and body style.

9th Digit: It talks about the certification of the VIN.

10th Digit: It’s about making years of the vehicle. Here Y means 1981 to 2000. If it’s I, O, Q, U, or Z, it means the making years are between 2001 and 2009

11th Digit: It specifies the plant location.

12th To 17th Digits: It’s a 6-digit serial number of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Get Information About Ford Plant From VIN?

VIN’s first digit says about the country the vehicle is made of, and the eleventh digit indicates the plant location. Also, you can get plant information from the window sticker.

How To Get The Ford’s Build Sheet By VIN Number?

Visit the Ford support website, input the VIN, and click search. You’ll get all related information from the provided VIN.

Does A Window Sticker Come With A VIN?

Yes, window stickers include VIN for each vehicle. It’s one of the legal requirements for car manufacturers in the United States.

Where Do I Get The Ford Order Number?

The window sticker comes with the order number of the vehicle. A four-digit code for the Ford cars is available on the window sticker’s underside.

The Bottom Line

Ford window sticker lookup is nothing complicated for the readers who completed reading this post. You’ve got all potential methods to get the window sticker. Free options are a simple way to get the window sticker for your Ford cars.

Getting a window sticker can be important when you need to know about the engine & transmission system, features, models & years, and other information about a vehicle.  

But you must have the correct VIN to get your desired car information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find anything you’re looking for in the Ford cars. Besides, inputting VIN will not work if it has any invalid digits.

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