Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade – Reasons, Benefits, Steps To Replace Etc

Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade – Reasons, Benefits, Steps To Replace Etc.

Why do you need to upgrade the Ford F150 suspension? The Ford F150 suspension upgrade becomes essential when you need more durable and robust hauling capacity on off-roads and on-roads.

Besides, the upgraded suspension provides more stability and effortless handling power. It’s also not so tough if you upgrade with aftermarket items.

But you must know how to upgrade the suspension to get the most from this process. After completing the reading, you’ll be all set regarding the Ford F150 suspension problems and the upgrade process.

Let’s start and get the suspension upgrading job done as a DIYer.

Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade – Why It Requires?

Apart from problematic suspension, several reasons exist for the F150 softer suspension upgrade with the more durable and stronger one. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading the suspension of your vehicle:

  • Improves off-road performance
  • It gives better on-road handling efforts.
  • Increases load capacity
  • It makes a relaxed driving atmosphere
  • Boosts braking potentials
  • Ensures durability

Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade – When Is It A Must?

You’ll get some visible signs that will help you realize that it’s time to upgrade the suspension. Let’s know about some common reasons that indicate the suspension upgrade:

  • Rough ride and your vehicle seems unknown
  • Extra bounces than previous drives 
  • You find the vehicle hard to control
  • Some unusual sounds come out while driving
  • Unusual tire wear 

Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade – Suggested Components To Upgrade 

The Ford F150 trucks are very versatile and best for regular driving. The issues arise when you want to ride them off-road. The F150 rear suspension upgrade or some other components’ modification or replacement is suitable in this case. 

Upgrading the suspension will give your truck extra robustness on off-road and on-road transportation. Indeed, it’ll solve the hardness of driving on the trickiest tracks and landscapes. Here are some suggestions for upgrading suspension:

Upgrading The Rear Suspension

The F150 trucks have a little edge on their original suspensions, making the rear wheel bend while hauling additional weight. Some users complain about the irregular leaps on uneven roads that also happen for the same cause.

Besides, the real wheel can bend for the added load. This is irritating if you need to carry something. You can easily fix this issue by upgrading your Ford F150’s rear suspension, which includes blocks, shocks, springs, leafs, etc.

Upgrading The Front Suspension

Like any other luxury truck, the Ford F150 runs smoothly with optimum engine performance. But the F150 has a little hitch when you’ll put extra load. Therefore, the front wheel can’t keep its backbone upright.

As a result, it shifts the additional load’s force to the rear wheels. Thus, the rear wheels become affected by higher load and get more friction. All these affect the front suspension and the steering.

As the issue involves the front suspension, you can improve the load capability if you upgrade it. Upgrading the upper arms with the best quality aftermarket products will help you get the expected outcomes.

Upgrading The Helper Springs

Like a 2022 F150 suspension upgrade, the helper springs also play a vital role in load management. These springs support the suspension seat to remain in the exact position.

The upgraded version will give the truck more strength, stability, reliability, and smoothness when you put a higher load. You can’t avoid doing it when the load gathers to the corners. Upgrading the helper springs will fix the issues like suspension bending as well.

Steps To Replace The Ford F150 Shocks

You can replace the shocks of the Ford F150 yourself if you have the essential tools and technical knowledge. It’ll also save you hundreds of dollars by doing it on your own. If everything is OK, then let’s proceed!

First Step – Start With Getting New Shocks

Check the shocks and make sure they need an upgrade. After you become ensure about the defective shocks, get a new one. (You can choose from the below-given list)

Initially, you have to ensure you want new shocks. If you find crossing bumps and potholes are not smooth to ride, you’re sure the issue is causing the socks.

Second Step – Parking, Checking & Spraying Cleaner

Park your vehicle at an even surface. Lose the nuts on the front and backside. You should use a jack/ramp to ensure the secured standing of the vehicle. Then, take the old shocks out. If it is hard to pull out, spray metal cleaner, like WD40.

Third Step – Removing & Separating The Shocks & Suspension

Locate the shock tower bolts and remove them. The unfastening process of the bolts may require greasing if they’re corroded. Use a socket to open the nuts. Then, separate the shocks and suspension. Now, remove the shock absorber from the bolts on the top and bottom.

Fourth Step – Setting Up New Shocks

In the final step, install the new shocks on the arms of the suspensions. After setting up new shocks, keep them in their previous place and reinsert the bolts and nuts. You can replace the other side’s shocks by repeating these steps.

F150 Suspension Upgrade – Best Recommended Products

Buying a new Ford F150 suspension kit or accessories has become compulsory for many reasons we learned from the above. Here are the top five best Ford F150 suspensions to upgrade:

Product’s NameFeatures
Detroit Axle - RWD Front Struts, Coil Spring, Rear Shock Absorbers4pc complete replacement set Easy to set up Superb stability
ECCPP Complete Front Pair StrutsPre-Assembled struts Trouble-Free Install Better vibration control
MOSTPLUS Front & Rear Complete StrutsExcellent outcomes High-quality materials Easy to install
Air Lift 57204 LoadLifter 5000 Air Suspension KitMaximizes loading capability More stability Higher durability
Timbren FRTT1502D Suspension Enhancement System Improves riding experience Better load management Extended warranty

What Are The Approximated Suspension Repair Costs? 

Here we’ll discuss the estimated costs of the suspension repair. But don’t forget that these prices are not fixed; they can vary depending on location, part quality, and labor availability.  

ComponentsEstimated Cost
Coil Spring$150 - $200/side
Shock Absorber$60 - $200
Wishbone/Suspension Arm$70 - $100
 Ball Joints$350 - $2,200
 Wheel Alignment (if requires)$20 - $400

Tips To Follow Before Starting The Repair/Replacement

It’s effortless to replace Ford truck’s shocks, making load management more efficient. However, look for alternatives to replace if it’s possible to upgrade. We recommend upgrading performance shocks when you regularly drive your vehicle with heavy loads.

There are some deciding aspects to replacing or upgrading shock or suspension. The factors include visual appearance, the height of the wheels, and damaging symptoms. Besides, problems with the steering and finding driving roughness also signify issues with the suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Do You Make The Ford F150 Smoother?

The points include keeping the normal load and using/upgrading the suspension is vital to get a smoother driving experience. Also, the Ford F150 will improve performance if you upgrade the wheels, tires, and chassis.

What Is The Mileage Range To Replace The F150 Suspension?

The F150 suspension works better within  50K to 100K miles. If you don’t get any issues before this mileage, you don’t need to do anything with the suspension. But if you want to improve the load capacity, you must upgrade or replace the suspension.

What Suspension Is The Best In Type?

The most appreciated and preferred suspension is twin-tube-type shocks. They ensure smooth driving with optimum performance. As a result, they’re suitable for most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.   

Do Shocks Provide A Smoother Driving Experience?

Shocks are useful to get a smoother driving experience. Bad shocks make the vehicle bouncy while driving. You can fix the issue by upgrading or replacing the stock shocks.

The Bottom Line 

We know that the Ford F150 is a top-selling truck. But the suspension of this series is not durable enough when you need to use it for hauling a higher load. So, the Ford F150 suspension upgrade come to be predictable.

You can upgrade the Ford F150 suspension with the essential equipment and practical experience. It’ll also save you hundreds of dollars if you do it yourself.

However, you must not perform the upgrading or replacing job if you’re not confident enough to complete it independently. But it’ll surely improve the load capacity and road performance after upgrading the suspension.

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