Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost With A Guide To Replace

What is a Ford 4.6 timing chain replacement cost? The Ford 4.6 timing chain costs $1100 to $1600 with the labor and parts. The cost can rise if it needs additional repair or maintenance.

You might be thinking the cost is a bit higher than other parts. However, it’d be very costly if this timing chain gets damaged inside your vehicle after being faulty.

The timing chain plays a vital role in firing the engine cylinders and valves to synchronize the crankshaft and camshaft's correct timing. When it becomes defective, the entire system of your car engine goes wrong. Even it can stop working after a while.

It is crucial to fix the issue as soon as possible to keep your car running smoothly. Similarly, it’ll save you thousands of dollars you’d need to pay for timing chain damage.

We’ve designed this content with information on timing replacement cost and the process of this replacement for your Ford car. So, let’s proceed!

Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost – An Overview

We told in the beginning that the cost of the Ford 4.6 timing chair might vary from $1100 to $1600. The cost is changeable for many reasons. The key reason is that the price of the timing chain itself is a bit higher, which ranges from $500 to $800.

Besides, the labor cost and the different state taxes make the total cost somewhat higher than many other repairing and replacement tasks. Also, the cost can vary depending on the years and models of the Ford 4.6 engines.

Here you can ask which Ford vehicle models have 4.6-liter engines. Yes, we knew it, and we’ve prepared a table with the 4.6-liter engines of the Ford cars:

S/NFord Engine Models With 4.6-Liter Engine
1Crown Victoria
2E-Series, Expedition
4Explorer Sport Trac
6Lincoln Aviator
7Lincoln Continental
8Lincoln Mark VIII
9Mercury Cougar
10Mercury Grand
12Mercury Marauder

Models & Year-Wise Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

It’s time to dive into the main discussion. A Ford Explorer timing chain replacement cost can be an excellent example that we’ll give details about.

A Summary Table Of The Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement

ModelsYearsEstimated Costs (Labor & Parts)
Ford Explorer2002$951 to $1,134
Ford Crown Victoria2002$899 to $1,100
Ford Expedition2005$1,301 to $1,522
Ford F1502004$1093 to $1434
Ford F1502005$1093 to $1434
Ford Explorer2005$951 to $1,134
Ford F1502006$1,374 to $1,643
Ford Ranger2007$1,137 to $1,334

Ford Explorer

A 2002 Ford Explorer timing chain replacement cost may start from $951 and increase up to $1,134. The cost typically varies for some factors, like availability of labor and applicable state taxes.

Also, the cost of the parts can differ for the brands and manufacturers. You should shop around to make the cost lower. Moreover, incorrect repair by an unexpert mechanic can be another reason to increase the total cost.

Ford Crown Victoria

A timing chain replacement cost for a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria can be around $1000. The parts cost is around $300, while the labor cost is around $700. The same issue can impact the overall cost, including government taxes and labor availability.

Ford F150

A 2004 Ford F150 and a 2005 Ford F150 timing chain replacement costs are the same. The costs are between $1093 to $1434 for both years of the engine.

In these costs, you’ll pay $987 and $1247 for labor and $106 to $187 for parts. The time-consuming replacement process is another reason that affects the overall cost.

But the timing chain replacement cost of a 2006 Ford F150 is some degrees higher than its previous two models. This edition of Ford may need $1,374 to $1,643.

The parts cost between $347 and $349, and the approximate labor cost is between $1064 and $1342. The costs are the highest among any other Ford models.

Ford Expedition

Regarding a 2005 Ford Expedition, the timing chain replacement cost is slightly raised. The cost is about $1,301 to $1,522 for a Ford Expedition. Here, parts cost around $455, and labor takes about $1,067.

This scenario gives you a clear view of the raised labor cost compared to parts. And we know what the reasons are for these higher labor costs.

Ford Ranger

When replacing its timing chain, a 2007 Ford Ranger can cost between $1,137 to $1,334. If we split the cost, we’ll get the cost of the parts as $382 to $450, and the labor cost is $755 to $953.

How To Replace A Ford 4.6L Timing Chain

You should have the user’s manual, essential tools, and some know-how to perform this replacement process. When you’re confident with the mentioned considerations, let’s go through the steps below:

First Step – Wait For The Engine To Get Ready

Waiting for the engine means giving it some time to be cool. Then, use the precise greaser to clean it.

Second Step – Initiating With The Radiator Removal

Removing the radiator is essential to drain out its coolant. You can easily do this by removing the radiator cap.

Third Step – Taking The Drive Belt Out With Its Components

You’ll need your car’s routing diagram to complete this step. You’ll find the diagram in the user manual. So, remove the drive belt components like the tension belt, V-belt, crankshaft pulley, and water pump.

Fourth Step – Getting The Timing Chain Out

Check the camshaft and crankshaft position and uncover the timer chain from the engine side.

Fifth Step – Performing The Installation Of The  New Timing Chain

Hold on for a while! Before you dive into the installation task, lubricate the gear well with enough fluid. Now, install the new timing chain and align it accurately as it was.

Sixth Step – Restoring Other Components

To end, reassemble other components you’ve removed in the third step. And finally, reconnect the remaining things, like the water pump and the power source/battery.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Makes Sense To Replace The Timing Chain?

When it becomes the time to replace the timing belt, it warns with some indicating signs. These include checking engine light, abnormal noise, and difficulty starting the engine. Getting any of these symptoms is enough to check the timing chain.

Why Should You Replace The Timing Chain?

A defective timing chain is the root of many issues like severe piston failures. The issue results in louder knocking and noises. Ignoring it damages the pistons, valves, and the entire engine in the long run.

What Mileage Can The Timing Chain Perform Best?

The timing chain works best between 80,000 to 120,000 miles. Some experts suggest noting the potential signs that indicate a faulty timing chain. So, if you get symptoms like check engine light, irregular noises, or engine stalling, you should check the timing chain and fix it accordingly.

What’s The Replacement Cost Of A Ford Explorer Timing Chain?

It’ll cost between $951 and $1,134 for a Ford Explorer timing chain replacement. The costs included parts and labor, around $350 and $628 to $800.

The Bottom Line

We clarified that a Ford 4.6 timing chain replacement cost isn’t fixed for all models and years. However, the cost can be about $1100 to $1600, including the labor and parts.

The cost variations happen for different taxes and fees in states. Also, it depends on some factors, like the availability of labor and the manufacturer/brand of the parts.

A timing chain comes at a lower price than the labor we learned from the above discussion. So, if you follow the replacement steps, you can do it yourself to save hundreds of dollars.

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