Dodge Durango Windshield Replacement Cost With Full Details

How much does it cost to replace the Dodge Durango windshield? The replacement cost of the Dodge Durango windshield is between $300 and $500, which may vary depending on the model year and brand of the windshield.

However, a minor repair will cost significantly lower than replacing the entire windshield. Knowing the Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost will help you fix your vehicle’s windshield problem. Driving a car with a smashed windshield is risky and illegal.

We’ll discuss the costs for different states and cities for crack, chip, scratch, and damaged windshields. Also, you’ll get a clear idea from this post; whether you need to replace the windshield or repair it is enough to fix the issue.

Everything About The Dodge Durango Windshield Replacement Cost

We all know about the sturdy buildup of the Dodge Durango that has made it popular with users worldwide. Its look, window, interior, exterior, windshield etc., are also solid and eye-catching.

However, Dodge Durango side window replacement becomes necessary when it gets smashed for bumpy terrain or extreme weather conditions. Similarly, the windshield also of the Dodge Durango needs repairing or replacing for the same issues.

When you need to replace the windshield, you must look for the Durango windshield replacement cost to accomplish the task smartly. Before you perform the replacement job, ensure that it needs a replacement or a repair will work fine.

A local windshield repair costs $60 for a simple crack or chip that doesn’t require a complete windshield replacement. Even if the chip’s length is about two feet, the repair cost will be under $100.

Now, come to the main topic: windshield replacement cost 2008 Dodge Durango or any model year may range from $300 to $500. Also, the price may vary for the identical Dodge Durango model year in diverse locations.

Yes, location is one of the most influential factors regarding the windshield replacement cost for the Dodge Durango. For example, a 2018 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost in Michigan is $340.42, while it costs $499 in North California.

Likewise, a 2013 Dodge Durango windshield replacement costs around $315 in New York, but it costs $550 and $725 in Chicago and Austin. Besides, the costs increase depending on popular cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston.

For Instance

2017 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost in Chicago is around $500, while the same replacement task may cost $400 in California.

Apart from the location, different model years play another significant role in windshield replacement cost. Let's say a 2005 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is about $250, while a 2019 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost will be more than $350.

City-Wise Windshield Replacement Costs

Here is a table about the city-wise replacement costs of the Dodge Durango windshield replacement costs:

2005Dodge DurangoKentucky$330
2005Dodge DurangoMissouri$240
2006Dodge DurangoMichigan$350
2012Dodge DurangoGeorgia$410
2013Dodge DurangoNew York$310
2013Dodge DurangoChicago$550
2013Dodge DurangoAustin$725
2013Dodge DurangoHouston$955
2015Dodge DurangoAustin$310
2015Dodge DurangoMaryland$485
2015Dodge DurangoHouston$790
2015Dodge DurangoNew York$850
2017Dodge DurangoNorthwest California$395
2017Dodge DurangoChicago$490
2018Dodge DurangoMichigan$345
2018Dodge DurangoNorth California$500
2019Dodge DurangoKansas$500
2019Dodge DurangoIllinois$320
2020Dodge DurangoMaryland$730
2021Dodge DurangoHouston$490

How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield?

The average lifespan of a windshield is five years. This duration depends on different factors, including your driving frequency, weather condition, and routine maintenance of your vehicle. As a result, you may need to replace your windshield before or after a 5-year life expectancy.

Now, the question is: when will you realize you need to replace the vehicle’s windshield? Let’s get some signs that will indicate it’s time to replace the windshield:

The Glass Gets Hardened

Most windshields come with a laminated glass layer that gets tempered rather than broken or shattered. If you face this issue with your windshield, a 2020 Dodge Durango windshield replacement is necessary.

The Huge Crack

A 2015 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is meagre for a simple and more minuscule crack. Indeed, getting minor cracks doesn’t require a replacement. But if your windshield gets a larger crack, it isn’t possible to repair it. So, replacement becomes evident.

Deep Cracks

Like the substantial crack, deep cracks are also unrepairable for the car windshield. A 2016 Dodge Durango windshield with deeper cracks need a replacement rather than a repair.

Lots Of Cracks

It matters a little how much a 2014 Dodge Durango windshield replacement costs, but having tons of cracks indicates a lousy windshield. When the windshield gets loads of cracks, you can’t repair it anyway. Replacing the cracked windshield is the ideal option to fix the issue.

A Bad Spot

When the cracks turn into bad spots, they don’t help you see thru clearly. It’ll make your driving risky. Also, bad spots are not cleanable by washing or any other way. As a result, you must replace the windshield as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected driving events. So, if you get bad spots on a 2021 Dodge Durango windshield, you must replace it faster.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which Is Preferable Among Repairing And Replacing A Windshield?

Repairing your car’s windshield is possible for slight damage, minor cracks, and scratches. But, if the windshield is damaged with deep and long cracks and scratches, it must be replaced.

Why Should You Replace The Windshield?

One of your vehicle's vital and must-have components is the windshield which helps you avoid outer bodies like dirt, debris, gravel, mishaps, etc. Therefore, whenever your car’s windshield gets damaged, you must respond immediately to repair or replace it. You can choose from cheap windshield replacement made of OEM that is great to use.

How Long Does A Windshield Work Nice?

A windshield works nicely for five years on average. But you can get a higher life expectancy by choosing smartly and performing regular maintenance. Also, it depends on your driving frequency, condition, and other factors.

Is It Illegal To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Driving a car with a cracked windshield is a motoring crime in most US states. According to the Highway Codes, ‘A vehicle must have a clear windshield that allows clear view of the driver’s front.’

The Bottom Line

A windshield is extremely useful, like most crucial parts of your vehicle. You must avoid driving your car with a cracked or damaged windshield as it’s vulnerable and legally prohibited.

When the windshield gets serious cracks and scratches, you must know about the Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost before changing it. And you’ve got them all about it for different model years of the Dodge Durango.

As a result, whenever you experience the issue of windshield cracks that require part replacement, you must be able to do it smartly and effectively. All those information will help you prepare to perform the replacement task quickly.

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