Dodge Durango Liftgate Problems – Let’s Fix Them For All Years

What are the most frequent Dodge Durango liftgate problems? Stuck liftgates with its rear door, latch, etc., are the most common liftgate issues for the Dodge Durango.

Locked with a liftgate can bother you, and your beloved ones are sitting inside the car. It’d be tough or sometimes impossible to open the liftgate when it gets jammed.

It’s never expected that any Dodge Durango users experience liftgate problems. But it may happen to you, so you must know how to deal with the issues to avoid frustrations.

We’ve prepared a brief guide on fixing the issues with their potential causes. You can solve the problems with ease by reading the entire post.

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How To Fix The Dodge Durango Liftgate Problems Painlessly

Opened and closed liftgate issues typically happen for their malfunctions. But all models and years of the Dodge Durango don’t face the same problems. They can be different depending on the versions.

Indeed, liftgates work with a motor to open and close. When the motor becomes defective, you’ll find the liftgates stuck. You may find them closed or open, and you won’t be able to open or close them.

Before we jump into the main discussion, let’s look at the below table. It’ll give you a synopsis of the liftgate issues and reasons for their possible solutions. 

Stuck rear hatch doorWorn-out gas strutsReplace the  liftgate
Open/Closed LiftgateSoftware glitchesReprogram/flash the software
Locked liftgateDamaged lock systemRepair/replace the lock/liftgate
Locked Latch/SwitchCorrosion/wearingRepair/Replace the liftgate
Locked Rear LiftgateDamaged lock systemReplacing the liftgate
Locked DoorFaulty gas strutsFlash/reprogram the software
Stuck With The PowerDead/weak batteryReplace the battery
Locked Rear DoorSoftware glitchesFlashing/reprogramming the module

Stuck Rear Hatch Door

One of the common 2006 Dodge Durango power liftgate problems is a stuck rear hatch door. The reason behind the issue is worn-out gas struts. They hold up or lock down the rear hatch door when the struts get rusty.

How To Fix It

Replacing the rusted liftgate is the best solution. If you need instant fixing, you can use a wood piece or branch to keep the door upright. It’ll work like a prop, supporting and holding the door upward when it’s open.   

Open/Closed Liftgate

The problem is typically linked to the power liftgate. A defective power button is the root of the 2011 Dodge Durango liftgate problems while closing or opening the liftgate. It’s also a common issue for the other models and years of the Dodge Durango series.

A malfunctioning software is responsible for a closed or open liftgate. Like a 2011 model, it’s also the common 2012 Dodge Durango liftgate problems.

How To Fix It

Reprogramming, flashing, or using the most recent software will help you fix the issue.

Locked Liftgate

Getting locked with liftgate is also one of the common 2013 Dodge Durango liftgate problems. When the lock system is damaged anyway, it can lock the liftgate. As a result, you won’t be able to open the liftgate.

How To Fix It

Use a Snap-On scanner to open the locked liftgate. You can do it by circumventing the liftgate power. However, it’s a temporary fix, and the issue may happen repeatedly. Thus, repairing the lock system is the ideal solution. Otherwise, you may need to replace the liftgate.

Locked Latch/Switch

The 2014 Dodge Durango liftgate problems involve a locked switch or latch. You may get the liftgate switch or latch locked because of corrosion and wear.

How To Fix It

Use a screwdriver to release the switch/hatch. You can do it by injecting and pressing the screwdriver. You’ll get a hole on the latch to set the screwdriver in. It’ll fix the issue temporarily. If you face this problem repeatedly, repair or replace the latch or the liftgate. Otherwise, it can cause further issues.

Locked Rear Liftgate

With a locked rear liftgate, you can experience the 2015 Dodge Durango liftgate problems. It may cause the liftgate abnormal to trigger it to work irregularly. A damaged lock system, unprotected housing, and defective latch fabrication are the possible reasons for the issue.

How To Fix It

Repairing the damaged liftgate won’t be the right decision. It’ll give you the optimum results if you replace the faulty liftgate with a new one.

Locked Door

As a Dodge Durango owner, you might have gone through the locked door issue. It’s one of the common 2016 Dodge Durango liftgate problems that most users face. The faulty gas struts can be the main reason for the issue.

How To Fix It

Flashing or reprogramming the liftgate software should fix the issue. You must use the recent software when you upgrade it.

Stuck With The Power

Locking with power and getting odd sounds are reported as the 2017 Dodge Durango liftgate problems by some users. The issue may happen for a dead or weak battery. It’ll make the liftgate locked indefinitely. Even you won’t be able to open the liftgate manually.

How To Fix It

As a dead or weak battery is the cause of the issue, replacing the battery should fix it.

Locked Rear Door

Locking with the rear door is also common 2019 Dodge Durango liftgate problems. When it happens, the door becomes stuck, and you won’t open it with the power button pressed. Usually, the issue occurs due to liftgate software glitches.

How To Fix It

Use the backup release option of the liftgate latch to resolve it in the short term. You can fix it permanently by flashing or reprogramming the software with the recent calibration files.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Liftgate?

A liftgate comes with related parts, including actuators, struts, latches, motors, hinges, etc. Here is a list of the Dodge Durango power liftgate replacement costs with  liftgate components:

Component’s NameEstimated Prices (With Labor)
Actuator$342 – $367
Struts$400 – $1000
Latches$80 – $200
Motors$604 – $625
Hinges$50 – $120
Trims$50 – $120

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs (People Also Ask)

What Are The Causes Of The Power Liftgate Issues?

Faulty liftgates with defective mechanisms, dead/weak batteries, and corrosion/wearing are the common reasons for the power liftgate issues. Also, problems may happen with faulty gas struts and software glitches.

How To Open Power Liftgate Manually?

Push the liftgate upward at its top to open it manually. You need to set the software at its lower height to open it completely.

How To Open The Back Liftgate?

Use the key fob to open your car’s liftgate. The projection logo on the car will glow when you’re 6 meters away from your vehicle. After getting the logo light flashing, kick on it to open the back liftgate. It’ll give a chime sound while opening.

How To Identify A Bad Liftgate Actuator?

When you get the liftgate hard to open, it’s not latching correctly, and difficult to close it; you can be confirmed that it’s happening to a bad liftgate actuator.

How Long Does The Liftgate Support Work Good?

The factory-provided liftgate supports are durable enough. Typically, they’ll give you optimum service up to 5 years or 60,000 miles for regular use. If you use them frequently, they can be bad quicker than the normal milestone.

How Do You Rest The Dodge Durango Liftgate?

The Dodge Durango liftgate reset requires some simple steps. Firstly, press the steering wheel’s power button to display the ‘Setting’ option on the panel. Secondly, locate the ‘OK’ button and press it. Thirdly, press and hold the power button until you get ‘Convenience’ displayed on the panel. Finally, press the ‘OK’ button.

The Bottom Line

The frequent Dodge Durango liftgate problems may involve locked hatch doors, the liftgate itself, Latch, and the rear Liftgate. Also, you can get stuck door and power button as possible liftgate issues.

It doesn’t matter what the problems are because you know how to fix them. We discussed all the liftgate issues with their reasons and potential solutions. So, you won’t be a victim of the liftgate hitches. Even if you find any of them, you’re all set to resolve them instantly.

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