Dodge Charger USB Port Not Working – Reasons & Fixes

What are the reasons for the Dodge Charger USB port not working? A damaged fuse isn’t just a single reason; there are many more to check if you face the problem.

Most users frequently use the USB port, which makes it vulnerable to being faulty. Many drivers prefer to use the USB port to get pleasure while on long drives. Thus, it’s one of the most used car components.

It doesn’t need to easily realize that things you use recurrently should be dented sooner than others that you don’t do. As a result, getting your Dodge Charger’s USB port out of order anytime is not surprising.

Since it may happen at any time, you must know why it happens and the possible solutions. No worries; just complete reading the entire post to fix the issue effortlessly on your own.

Why Do The Dodge Charger USB Port Not Working? Let’s Fix It

You learned about the main reason why USB charger not working. Apart from a faulty fuse, some more reasons can cause this problem.

If you check the damaged USB port, you will get other reasons for the issue, including loose wiring, stuck debris, and many more.

Let’s get a summary table with the reasons and their fixings regarding USB not working Dodge Charger:

Fuse Doesn’t RespondSubstitute the fuse
Open/Loose WiringTighten/reconnect the wire
Stuck Debris/dustClean/replace the USB Port
Dented USB PortRepair/Replace the USB port
USB Cable Isn’t WorkingSubstitute the USB Cable
Malfunction USB ConsoleRepair/replace
The car’s Power Is OffSwitch the car’s power on
Low-voltage USB PortReplace the USB port
Incorrect Device SettingsConfigure/reset device settings

Fuse Doesn’t Respond

The Dodge Charger USB port fuse can be blown very often. As a result, getting your car's USB port out of order becomes the most common issue.

Whenever you face a 2022 Dodge Charger USB port not working, you should check the fuse first. Most probably, you’ll get it damaged.

How To Fix It

Firstly, discover the fuse that locates under the cabin interior’s fuel panel. Open the cabin and replace the blown fuse to fix the issue.

Open/Loose Wiring

A loose wire connection can be a good reason for a 2019 Dodge Charger USB port not working. Vibration and careless wire connection are the common reasons for loose wiring. The same may happen for open wires that can’t connect to the system.

How To Fix It

Whatever the reasons for the open or loose connection, it’s vital to tighten the joint. Also, you can reconnect the connection, which should fix the problem. Otherwise, look for other reasons, such as a blown-fuse etc.  

Stuck Debris/Dust

Sticking dust, dirt, debris, or other smaller particles can make a 2014 Dodge Charger USB port not working. Usually, they accumulate and create a layer if the USB port remains open. Thus, a cover on the USB port prevents it from working perfectly.

How To Fix It

Initially, clean the USB port to fix the issue. If it becomes too rusty, it won’t work after cleaning. So, replacing the port is the best solution in this case.  

Dented USB Port

Despite the correct connection, working fuse, and spotlessness, you may get a 2016 Dodge Charger USB port not working. How? It’s simply possible if the USB port itself is dented.

So, if you fix all other reasons, you still won’t be able to use the USB port until it works properly. Corrosion can make the port useless.

How To Fix It

Firstly, ensure all other reasons are fixed before you resolve a damaged USB port. If the rust is causing the problem, try to remove them first. Otherwise, replace the USB port to get it working.

USB Cable Isn’t Working

A 2012 Dodge Charger USB port not working is quite possible for a faulty USB cable. If you don’t find any other reasons to cause the issue, you should check the USB cable.

How To Fix It

Check the entire USB cable and find out the damaged points. If it’s minor damage, you can make it work by connecting it with glue. If it is still out of work, substitute it with a new USB cable.

Malfunction USB Console

When the USB console doesn’t work correctly, it can make a 2020 Dodge Charger USB port not working. The USB console sometimes malfunctions for different reasons, such as software issues, internal errors, etc.

How To Fix It

It can be difficult for you to identify and fix issues with the USB console. It’s best to contact a mechanic to resolve the problem.

Car’s Power Is Off

You might be sitting in your car with shutting down the engine. Then, you’re trying to use the USB port, but you can’t do it after several attempts. A 2018 Dodge Charger USB port not working may happen when you forget your car power is off. Also, it can happen if you leave a vehicle idle interminably.

How To Fix It

Check your car’s power button. Turn it on if it’s switched off to make the USB port work. Besides, you can fix it by driving the vehicle sometimes.

Low-Voltage In The USB Port

Do you still have the 2018 Charger USB port not working? If all other related things are working fine, the USB port's low voltage is the culprit. Some modern gadgets require a higher voltage to work properly.

How To Fix It

If it’s a common issue with your car’s USB port and you’re using any high-end devices, replace the current USB port with the compatible one. You should consult a mechanic to fix the issue as it’s not easy.

Incorrect Device Settings

You’d get a 2017 Charger USB port not working for unconfigured and incorrect device settings. It usually happens when there is a wrong connection with your vehicle’s computer system.

How To Fix It

Set or configure the device connection correctly to fix the problem. You must select one from the ‘charge only’ or ‘transfer data’ options.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs (People Also Ask)

Why Does A Car USB Charger Stop Working?

Hardware or software malfunction can prevent your car USB charger from working properly. Also, the issue may happen to a blown-fuse, open/loose wiring, dented USB port, and incorrect device settings.

What’s The USB Port Location Of The A 2021 Dodge Charger?

A 2021 Dodge Charger’s USB port resides on the cabin interior’s fuel panel. Knowing the USB port’s location becomes essential when it goes wrong anyhow.

How To Identify A Car’s Damaged USB Port?

An internal broken or loose connection can make the USB port fail. Check your device by connecting it to some other USB ports. If you find it working on other ports, you’re sure the issue is happening for your car's USB port.

How To Fix A Damaged USB Charging Port?

You can try this way to fix a broken USB port: clean the USB port, use another USB cable, and check the connection for open/loose wiring. If these steps fail, you should replace the damaged USB port.

How Much Does A Car USB Port Cost To Replace?

Dodge Charger USB port replacement costs between $75 and $400. It includes parts and labor costs. But, if you have essential tools and practical skills, you must spend around $20 for the parts.

The Bottom Line

Several reasons involve making the Dodge Charger USB port not working. It commonly happens for a blown-fuse followed by open or loose wiring, trapped dirt, damaged USB port, and many more.

No matter the reasons, you know how to fix the Dodge Charger USB port. Most fixing methods are simpler, and you can do it yourself.

BUT if anything makes you confused while repairing, consult a mechanic or bring your car to an automotive shop for the best solutions.

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