Dodge Charger Cranks But Wont Start – What Are The Reasons & Solutions

What does make your Dodge Charger cranks but wont start? Usually, a dead battery and a damaged starter are the major causes of this issue. But several different reasons may involve in this problem that we’ve covered throughout the entire post.

The Dodge Charger is one of the best choices for users for its great engine performance and higher mileage. But it’s also a mechanical combination with lots of parts and modules. It can malfunction for any internal issues with its components.

The Dodge Charger won't start push button is an internal trouble you can face anytime. So, you should be prepared to deal with the issue if it happens with your car.

After reading this post, you must be able to fix this issue because we’ve found out all possible reasons that can trigger it.

Let’s start!

Why Does The Dodge Charger Cranks But Wont Start? How To Fix It?

Getting your Dodge Charger won't start brake locked or with other similar troubles is very irritating. The scenery worsens when you face it while traveling and don’t know how to fix it.

When you can’t start your Dodge Charger, it may happen that the engine refuses, or you can turn the engine over, but it won’t start.

We’ve researched a lot on the issue and got several reasons lead it. We’ll discuss them in detail after a summary table with the reasons and solutions to this problem

Battery Is DeadThe battery light is onJumpstart/replace the battery
Faulty Battery WiresCan’t start the engineReconnect/replace wires
Shaky Key FobCan’t start the engineUse/buy another key
Defective StarterThe engine cranks but won’t startReplace the starter
Lowest Fuel LevelsCan’t start the engineFill the tank up
The fuel Filter Is BlockedThe engine cranks but won’t startReplace the fuel filter
Fuse Is BlownCan’t start the engineChange the fuse
Malfunctioning AlternatorThe engine cranks but won’t startRepair/replace the alternator
Flawed Spark PlugsCan’t start the engineClean/Replace the spark plugs
The ignition Coil Isn’t WorkingThe engine cranks but won’t startReplace ignition coil

Dodge Charger Cranks But Won’t Start - Detailed Discussion

Battery Isn’t Working – Dead!

Among the reasons a 2009 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start, a dead battery is very common. You’ll get a warning sign with the battery light on when it happens.

Also, the battery can stop working if the headlights are on interminably when your car is switched off. As a result, you can get a 2010 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start.

How To Fix It

If it happens, keep the headlights on, jumpstart the engine and drive for a while. It should charge the battery to fix the issue. In case it doesn’t work anyway, the battery is probably dead. So, replacing the dead battery with a new one to resolve the problem.

Faulty Battery Wires

If the battery is working fine but facing a 2006 Dodge Charger wont start just clicks, you should check the battery wires and connections.

Sometimes, defective battery wires cause this issue as they can't supply power to the starter from the battery for corrosion.

Likewise, a bad or loose wire connection can make a 2007 Dodge Charger 2.7 cranks but wont start. It may happen for maintenance by an inexperienced mechanic who ended the job faster than it should be.

How To Fix It

Check the corrosion and lose wire connections. Tighten or reconnect them, if any and try to remove rust from the wire. Otherwise, you must change the wires to fix a 2009 Dodge Charger won't start.

Shaky Key Fob

You can’t do it without using the key fob when locking or unlocking your car. It transmits crucial signals to the engine according to your attempts.

But a weaker or shaky key fob loses its ability to work appropriately. Thus, it may occur a 2007 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start.

How To Fix It

Ensure the shakiness of the key fob by inserting the key in the keyhole. Then, attempt to switch on to start the car. If it’s a good key fob, it should work to start the engine easily. Otherwise, it won’t start the engine anyway. In this case, you must use another key or get a new one.

Defective Starter

A faulty starter is also responsible for a 2013 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start. Your car Engine requires the assistance of the starter to start as it supplies essential power to its related circuits. So, a bad starter can’t do its duties correctly.

How To Fix It

The replacement of the defective starter is vital if it doesn’t work.

Lowest Fuel Levels

The lowest fuel levels indicate the emptiness of the fuel tank. And your car engine won’t start if it doesn’t get enough fuel. Therefore, it warns of this issue with a 2012 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start.

How To Fix It

Filling the tank with essential fuel should fix a 2013 Dodge Charger won't start just clicks if the vehicle doesn’t have any other problems.

Fuel Filter Is Blocked

When a fuel filter is blocked by dirt, it can make a 2014 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start. A clogged filter doesn’t pass fuel through to keep the engine running.

How To Fix It

Cleaning the dirt from the filter should make it normal to flow the fuel. If it doesn’t work after cleaning, you must use a new filter.

Starter’s Fuse Is Blown

One of the Dodge users reported that “my Dodge Charger cranks but wont start.” After investigation, we found a blown fuse was the reason for the issue.

Yes, it may happen with you because a starter’s fuse works to regulate the voltage, so when it’s blown, the engine components don’t get any electrical power. Power surges and faulty wire connections are the major reason for blowing a fuse.

How To Fix It

Locate the starter and check its fuse. If it’s blown, get a new one to fix the issue.

Alternator Is Malfunctioning

Sometimes, a car’s alternator may malfunction which makes a 2015 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start. When an alternator becomes faulty, your car’s parts don’t get enough electric power to run smoothly.

How To Fix It

The alternator is repairable if it’s at the early stage of the malfunction. Otherwise, you must replace it to fix the issue.

Flawed Spark Plugs

Sometimes the spark plugs don’t work correctly for various reasons. As a result, you can get a 2016 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start .

How To Fix It

Clean the spark plugs and try to start the engine. If it’s still out of order, you must replace the damaged plugs to get your car active.

The Ignition Coil Isn’t Working

When the ignition coil becomes faulty, it can cause a 2017 Dodge Charger cranks but wont start. A wiring issue may be a good reason for the ignition coil’s defectiveness.

How To Fix It

Replacing the faulty ignition coil is the right solution for a 2014 Dodge Charger won't start.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – People Also Ask

Why Does The Dodge Charger Crank But Won’t Start?

A dead battery, damaged starter, faulty alternator, blown fuse, and clogged fuel filter are the common reasons that can prevent your Dodge Charger from starting.

How To Start A Dodge Charger Manually?

First method: Unlock the car’s door by using a silver-colored key. Get inside the vehicle, place the key on the fob, and push it to the “Start” position.

Second Method: When you get the Dodge Charger completely dead, join the red cable to the dead battery’s positive terminal. You may get the terminal marked ‘+’ or ‘POS’. If you work with a car battery, join a black cable to your car’s negative terminal.

Where Should I Look For The Starter Relay On The Dodge Charger?

You should get below the hood, the fuse box, the tool panel, or the right fender. The locations of the starter relay may vary depending on the models and years of the car.

How Do You Start A Car With A Keyless Ignition?

Get inside your car, press its brake pad by foot and the Start/Stop button of the engine simultaneously. It’ll start your car without any keys.

The Bottom Line

We’ve described everything regarding the Dodge Charger cranks but wont start. If you face this issue with your car, check the abovementioned reasons one after another.

You must find one or more reasons why you can’t start your vehicle. While fixing the issue according to the reasons them aren’t easy.

You’ll be able to fix some of the causes while others may not. So, if something confuses you, leave it to a mechanic for the best solutions.

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