Chevy Silverado Radio Display Not Working – Reasons & Fixes

Why does the radio display on the Chevy Silverado not work? A blown fuse and software malfunction are the common reasons for the Chevy Silverado radio display not working, among others. Some other causes may also involve this issue you’ll get by reading the whole post. 

The situation is extremely irritating while going for a long drive with the problem of the display or the head unit. Also, it can kill your mood when you get an abruptly black screen on your vehicle.

An issue like the Chevy Silverado screen black may happen anytime without prior notification. Even you might be one of those who have experienced this problem previously.

But if you know the reasons and fixes for the trouble, you can return your radio display to its normal state. We’ve pointed out associated reasons and solutions for this issue to take you out of the frustrating situation. Let’s get them below:

Causes & Solutions For A Chevy Silverado Radio Display Not Working

We’ve learned that a blown fuse is a major and common reason for a 2021 Silverado touch screen not working. But, it isn’t alone making the issue. Several reasons can take part in this trouble.

Here is a complete table with most possible reasons and their fixes for a 2015 Chevy Silverado radio display not working:

A blown/damaged fuseReplace the fuse/get the strips
Alternator & Battery GlitchesRecharge/replace the battery
Defective Radio ModuleReset/upgrade software, or replace the speaker
Bad Radio SpeakersReplace the speakers/the radio display
Faulty WiringTighten/reconnect the wire, or replace the fuse/strips
Defective antenna/tunerReturn/repair the antenna and tuner
Locked/Freeze RadioSet the temperature to normal
Backdated Software/Bad HMI moduleReprogram the radio with the recent software version.

Chevy Silverado Radio Display Not Working – Reasons & Fixes

We’ve got a quick view of the Chevy touch screen not working. You’ll get the brief detail about those causes and their solutions:

A Blown/Damaged Fuse

Chevy MyLink touch screen not working? Don’t do anything before checking the fuse. A damaged or blown fuse is a very common reason for this issue. A bad fuse must be the initial cause when you get the problem.

How To Fix It

As you’ve learned that a 2005 Chevy Silverado radio display not working is caused by a bad fuse, check it, and replace it if it’s blown. If it gets broken, set a new strip that will cost around $10.

Alternator & Battery Glitch

A glitchy alternator and battery can make a 2016 Chevy Silverado radio display not working. Although they don’t impact the vehicle’s voltage, they may be culprits of the radio display issue, like black screen or disrupted view.

How To Fix It

Check the battery voltage using a voltameter. If the battery is at low voltage, charge it. Are you still getting a 2009 Chevy Silverado radio display not working? Sadly, you may need to replace the vehicle’s battery. But before you do it, take the assistance of an expert auto mechanic to finalize your decision.

Defective Radio Module

The failure of the radio system on your vehicle can cause a 2007 Chevy Silverado radio display not working. The radio module fails to transmit signals to its associated speakers. Also, if you keep the radio system without resetting interminably, it may misbehave with its screen.

How To Fix It

You can try it to reset or upgrade the software. Otherwise, it might be an expert’s task to identify and fix the faulty radio system. They’ll check it thoroughly to discover the issues regarding a 2004 Chevy Silverado radio display not working. Also, they’ll decide if it’s repairable or needs a replacement.

Bad Radio Speakers

It’s a rare problem. If you get the 2016 Chevy Silverado infotainment issues, check the speakers. Sometimes, bad radio speakers can make the display defective.

How To Fix It

Check the connected wires with the speakers. If they’re loosely connected or disconnected, tighten, or reconnect them. Otherwise, you must check the radio that may need to replace.

Faulty Wiring

A defective wiring connection can create a 2018 Chevy Silverado radio display not working. Checking the connected wires, the strips, and the fuse are part of this issue.

How To Fix It

Check the wires for loose or detached connections. If it doesn’t work, check the fuse and the strips. Replace them if they’re blown.

Defective antenna/tuner

A bad antenna or tuner is responsible for a 2005 Chevy Silverado radio display not working. If everything is working nicely, but the display is not, your radio antenna or tuner is causing this problem.

How To Fix It

Retune or replace the tuner and antenna. You may need to get expert help to fix this issue.

Locked/Freeze Radio

Are you getting the Silverado radio not working when cold? The reason is at the question, yes, you may get the radio display out of order in extreme cold weather. The radio may misbehave when the temp is less than 6°F.

How To Fix It

Set the car temperature to the normal state and wait for a while.

Backdated Software/Bad HMI module

If you’re using your radio without updating its software, it can make a 2008 Chevy Silverado radio display not working.

How To Fix It

Reprogram the software with the recent version to fix the issue.

How Replace The Radio Of A Chevy Silverado?

When you can’t fix the issue without replacing the radio system, it’s crucial to know how to replace it on the Chevy Silverado. If you have essential tools and enough experience, follow the below steps:

  • Disconnect the battery first.
  • Remove the dashboard, as the radio is installed under it. You’ll get some screws that hold the dash in its place.
  • After removing the dash, you’ll be able to reach the radio. Remove the radio with the help of the steering control wheel.
  • Now, you can install the new radio.
  • After installing the radio, reconnect the wheel steering and the battery.
  • Check everything, including steering control, audio, videos, speakers, and GPS.

When you need a new radio unit, you can get SWTNVIN Car Radio Stereo for Chevy Silverado that’s compatible with the Chevy Silverado.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Is My Radio Not Working In My Chevy Silverado?

Bad alternators, dead battery, blown fuse, irregular voltage, extreme cold weather, etc., are the common reasons of the Chevy Silverado’s radio trouble.

How To Reset Chevy Silverado Radio?

Select “Settings” from the radio’s home menu first. Locate the “Return to Factory Settings” from the bottom and press or tap it. You’ll get options such as “Restore Radio Settings,” “Clear All Private Data,” “Restore Vehicle Settings,” and others. Choose “Restore Radio Settings,” that will reset the radio.

Where Does The Radio Fuse Locate In A Chevy Silverado?

Check the at the driver’s side first. You should find it under the hood if you don’t get it there. But you may find some other fuses in your vehicle. So, be sure before you replace any of them.

How To Unmute The Radio On A Chevy Silverado?

Unmute the radio with audio power button ON/OFF. Then, look at the backside of the steering wheel. The volume control buttons have “+” and “_” symbols. They’ll help you adjust the volume.

Why Does My Radio Have Power But Won’t Turn On?

A damaged, loosely connected, or disconnected power wires can prevent the radio from turning on. The radio stops working when any of the issues happen with the wires. Replacing the damaged wire or reconnecting the disconnected wire should fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

You must not face further trouble regarding a Chevy Silverado radio display not working anymore. You’ve learned all possible reasons that create this issue with their solutions.

Before you go, here is an additional advice. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s system, and don’t forget to update them. Also, whenever you get anything irregular with your vehicle, take them seriously, and fix them immediately.

Fixing the issues early will help you avoid further damage and hefty penalties. As a result, never underrate any warning signs inform you something is going wrong with your vehicle.

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