Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect – Reasons & Solutions

Why the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth won’t connect to your car? Reasons like defective Bluetooth units and damaged wire connections can make it unable to be paired.

The Chevy Malibu typically comes with a high-quality Bluetooth set. It’s set to use easily with excellent features when you drive the car. But the Bluetooth unit can cause issues pairing with your devices.  

Some Malibu users reported having issues with the Bluetooth module while pairing their gadgets. They’re unable to do that and failed to get any response.

If you’re one of the Malibu users, you’re very close to fixing your Bluetooth problem. After reading this post, you won’t face issues like Bluetooth not working in Chevy Malibu.

We’ve arranged all possible reasons for the issue with their solutions. So, keep reading on!

Why Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect & How To Fix It?

The manufacturer of Chevy Malibu tries their best to give the customers the optimum user experience. They include Bluetooth units in their vehicle to make things easier to control.

But, as you know, the Bluetooth of a car is also a part of the software that can be faulty. When it can’t pair with selected devices, it triggers a Bluetooth not working in Chevy Malibu issue.

We previously mentioned that some specific reasons are responsible for the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth issue. Here we’ll discuss the issue of a 2011 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth not working.

Summary Table Of the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect

We’ve made a summary table with the possible reasons and their solutions regarding a 2020 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth not playing music:

Defective Bluetooth unitSwitch it off, and turn it on again
Faulty Wire ConnectionChange/reconnect defective wires
Can’t Pair with DevicesSwitch it off, and turn it on again
Weak/No Device SignalsRepair/replace devices
Unknown Bluetooth PairingDisengage from other devices & re-pair
Engaged With Background ActivityTurn background activity off
Obsolete SoftwareUpdate/reinstall software

Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Won’t Connect – Reasons & Fixing Tips

Defective Bluetooth Unit

The Chevy Malibu users suffer most from Bluetooth. When it goes wrong, you won’t be able to play music. The disparity between the devices and the module makes a Chevy malibu Bluetooth grayed out.

It may look like a simple problem. But it can be severe if you want to call through your phone without taking it out from the car deck. You should not ignore the issue and fix it right away.

Tips To Fix It

You can fix the issues like a 2006 Malibu Bluetooth dysfunction with simple effort. Switch its Bluetooth off and leave it for 5 seconds. After that, switch it again. You’re done!

Faulty Wire Connection

An issue with the Chevy malibu Bluetooth music not working may happen for a damaged wire and defective wire connection. Your device loses its connection to a wiring issue that makes it despair.

Tips To Fix It

So, how to connect to Chevy Malibu Bluetooth if it has a wiring issue? Firstly, check the wires and their connections. Try to find out the damaged or disconnected wires and replace or reconnect them again. It’ll fix the issue. Otherwise, you can consult a mechanic if you think the process is hard to maintain.

Can’t Pair With Devices

A 2009 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth setup can despair when they lose or can't pair with devices. A faulty software sometimes creates this pairing dysfunction.  

Tips To Fix It

Now, the question is, what if myChevrolet not showing up on Bluetooth? Fixing a pairing issue isn’t tricky. First, switch off the media part of the Bluetooth. Leave it for 5 seconds, and then switch it again. It should solve the problem.

Weak/No Device Signals

An issue like the Chevy Malibu android auto not working with its Bluetooth may result from weak or no device signals. Your Chevy Malibu may work well, but your phone or other devices are not. All these problems lead to Bluetooth dysfunction.

Tips To Fix It

If the issue happens for going out of cellular signal range, it’d be fixed when you get into the range. But when your devices have a problem, you want to repair or replace them. You must check your devices with an expert who can suggest the best solutions.

Unknown Bluetooth Pairing

A 2011 Chevy Malibu Bluetooth malfunction may happen for connecting your device with an unknown Bluetooth module. It can be a Bluetooth of another car or another gadget. Although it isn’t a prevalent issue, you may face it.

Tips To Fix It

To fix the issue, disconnect your devices paired with others. Then, pair your devices again with the Bluetooth of your vehicle. That’s all!

Engaged With Background Activity

The Chevy Malibu Bluetooth can stop responding to other background activities on your devices. When your car Bluetooth finds your phone engaged with other Bluetooth, it may be unable to connect with your devices.

Tips To Fix It

Check your phone for background activities. If it’s busy with background tasks, disengage your devices from available background events.

Obsolete Software

Outdated software in your devices can be another reason for Bluetooth not working in Chevy Malibu. Also, an incompatible software version may trigger this issue.

Tips To Fix It

It doesn’t matter if the issue is happening for outdated or incompatible software; updating the recent compatible software version will fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why Does The Chevy Malibu Not Connect To Bluetooth?

A faulty Bluetooth module is the crucial reason for the issue, followed by a faulty wire connection,

weak/no device signals, and unknown Bluetooth pairing. Also, the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth may malfunction for engaging with background activity and outdated software that can’t pair it with expected devices.

How To Reset Chevy Malibu Bluetooth?

Options like Bluetooth off and on and replacing/repairing the damaged/disconnected wires can fix the issue. Moreover, you can resolve the problem by upgrading the software and disconnecting from other devices’ engagement.

How Can I Switch On The Bluetooth In My 2013 Chevy Malibu?

Initiate switching on the Bluetooth of your device. Press the stereo/steering, select the “Phone” option, and follow the upcoming instructions on your device. If the Bluetooth requires a PIN, put ‘1234.’

Does A 2009 Chevy Malibu Come With Bluetooth Feature?

There is a package option for Bluetooth in a 2009 Chevy Malibu. However, the steering wheel has buttons for voice control. Sadly, they don’t offer an inbuilt Bluetooth feature.

The Bottom Line

Although the Chevy Malibu Bluetooth won't connect is a minor issue, it can be severe sometimes. For example, you need to call someone while driving a car, but you can’t get your phone in your hand.

You must get back to the hands-free options of Bluetooth on your car. But what if your phone is disconnected and you won’t connect it with your car Bluetooth? Depending on the urgency of the phone call, it can be extremely irritating.

So, we suggest you check the Bluetooth connection of your car when you check other things before you go for a long drive. Even if you have a Bluetooth connectivity problem, hopefully, you will get the solutions from the abovementioned tips.

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