C0035 Chevy Silverado Code’s Reasons, Symptoms, Solutions, Etc.

Why does the C0035 error code appear on The Chevy Silverado? The C0035 Chevy Silverado trouble code involves the defective wheel speed sensor when the anti-lock braking unit identifies it.

Like all other diagnostic trouble codes, the C0035 also needs a better understanding to fix the issue effectively. Indeed, a faulty wheel speed sensor, especially the Left Front one, is the reason for this code.

We’ll discuss everything to get better educated regarding the code, its symptoms, and possible solutions. It’s worth reading the entire post as a Silverado user.

So, follow us until the end of the content and fix the code C0035 Chevy Silverado effortlessly.

What Does The Code C0035 Chevy Silverado Indicate?

“Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor” is the actual meaning of the C0035 Chevy Silverado diagnostic trouble code. The purposes of the vehicle’s dynamics, like stability control, traction control, and anti-lock brakes, have links with the wheel speed response. They’re the components of the chassis, such as the C-code series.

The C0035 and C0040 are the set trouble codes that become active when the anti-lock brake system (ABS) monitors any issue with the circuit or the left front wheel speed sensor. The C0035 is a sensor with inductive properties that generates an alternative current (AC) and a square wave.

The ABS component of the vehicle always screens the speed sensors of the front wheel and analyzes the data with normal interpretations. When it finds variation between two wheels’ speed sensors, it sets a trouble code – C0035.

Everything About The C0035 Chevy Silverado Trouble Code

We’re clear that the C0035 error code indicates the issues with the front wheel speed sensor. Indeed, a 2005 Chevy Silverado code C0035 is one of this vehicle's common problems. You might be one of them who have faced this issue.

So, you must know details about the C0035, including reasons, symptoms, recognition, and solutions. Before we get into the deep of the discussion, let’s get a synopsis of the C0035 right front wheel speed sensor supply issue:

Damaged Speed SensorThe ABS/Traction Control Light is onClean/replace the sensor
Wiring IssuesThe ABS warning light is onReconnect/replace the cables
Faulty Sensor ReluctorThe ABS/Traction Control Light is onRepair/replace the reluctor
Sensor Circuit problemThe ABS/Traction Control Light is onRepair/replace the circuit
Outdated SoftwareThe ABS/Traction Control Light is onUpdate the software

The Code C0035 Chevy Silverado – A Detailed Discussion

The causes and warning signs above are the most common for the C0035 Chevy Silverado 2005. Also, others may have those complications. We can sort them into four while other issues are there that may happen at times.

Let’s get them to detail about the C0035 Chevy Silverado 2006 and other years of the same brand:

Damaged Wheel Speed Sensor

When the sensor itself gets damaged, it triggers the C0035 right front wheel speed sensor supply by the system monitor. Failing the wheel speed sensor is very common on Chevy Silverado, which leads to the C0035 trouble code.

How To Fix It

If it happens for dirtiness, a simple cleaning will be enough to fix the issue. So, clean it using a soft cloth and test it again; it should work properly. Otherwise, you must replace it with a new sensor.

Wiring Issues On The Wheel Speed Sensor

If you get a 2006 Chevy Silverado code C0035, it can be linked to the wiring issues on the wheel speed sensor. The wire harness may be loosely connected, open, or damaged by its cable.

How To Fix It

Check the wiring. Reconnect or tighten the connection if they’re loosely connected. If there is any damaged cable, replace it or the harness itself.

Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor Reluctor

A defective wheel speed sensor reluctor can be responsible for the C0035 code. The reluctor may be damaged by different factors, like driving conditions and habits.

How To Fix It

Check the reluctor. If it isn’t entirely damaged, you may have the option to repair it. Otherwise, replacing is the ultimate option to go with.

Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Issues

Does the left front wheel speed sensor circuit malfunction while driving the vehicle? It can be another good cause of the C0035 error code.

How To Fix It

The sensor circuit is repairable if it isn’t completely damaged. You should get assistance from an expert to fix the issue.

Outdated Software

It’s a problem that may happen with the ABS unit. Outdated and incompatible software can cause this issue.

How To Fix It

Upgrading the software to a compatible version will fix the problem.

Webinar For The C0035 Chevy Silverado Trouble Code

How To Diagnose The C0035 Code & Replace The Sensor?

The abovesaid reasons and signs can differ depending on the making years of the Chevy Silverado. Regardless of the causes and symptoms, fixing the issue must be done as soon as possible to avoid further engine damage. Before you fix the problem, diagnosing the trouble is crucial.

The diagnostic process of the issue is linked to various factors. So, you must get the help of a professional car mechanic. They’ll test using different tools and processes to get the exact reasons. Then, they’ll fix them accordingly.

Now, let’s know how to fix code C0035 that causes the faulty wheel speed sensor. The technician will follow the below steps to replace the damaged wheel speed sensor:

  • Lift the vehicle using a jack.
  • You can find the sensor closely after removing the rotors and brake pads.
  • Locate the clips and remove them as they carry the sensor wiring.
  • Disconnect the wires to remove the sensor entirely.
  • Install the new sensor and reinstall the rotors, brake pads, and wheels.
  • Perform a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When Should You Replace The Wheel Speed Sensor?

30,000 to 50,000 miles can be the normal interval for replacing the wheel speed sensor. It depends on your driving style and driving conditions, though. Also, some factors can influence the replacement of the sensor. Moreover, getting the code C0035 or the warning signs clearly indicates replacing the wheel speed sensor.

How To Test A Defective Wheel Speed Sensor?

Remove the wire coupling of the faulty sensor. Connect the voltameter’s connector to the sensor and attach probes to its ground end. Getting no voltage ensures the sensor isn’t working; it’s faulty.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Wheel Speed Sensor?

The average cost is between $200 and $250 to replace the damaged wheel speed sensor. The price includes labor and parts. But it may vary depending on location, applicable taxes, and availability of labor.

Can I Drive My Car A Damaged Speed Sensor?

You must avoid driving your car with the P0035 code that indicates a faulty wheel speed sensor. When this sensor doesn’t work, the ECU doesn’t get any data about the wheel speed. As a result, you’ll be unable to control your car, which can lead to collisions.

Does The Wheel Speed Sensor Impact The Transmission?

The wheel speed sensor collaborates with the transmission system. The PCM can’t control the gear shifting without the correct wheel speed data. A faulty wheel speed sensor may cause rough and incorrect shifting.

The Bottom Line

Never misjudge the C0035 Chevy Silverado trouble code. Instead, explore the warning signs that ensure the bad or damaged wheel speed sensors or their circuits. You must resolve the issue immediately without driving your vehicle.

As we’ve mentioned above, replacing the defective parts is an easy fix for this error code, you can do some of the repairs independently if you have essential tools and practical skills.

However, if you’re completely not confident about accomplishing the repair task, you must get support from a professional auto mechanic. Using different tools and methods, they’ll help you identify and fix the issues from the top to the toe.

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