Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting – Issues, Causes & Fixes

Why do you need to troubleshoot the Avital remote start? Programming issues like lost or unsupportive database is the main reason for Avital remote starter problems.

Undoubtedly, a remote starter for your vehicle is very useful as it helps you to start remotely. But, the Avital remote start troubleshooting becomes unavoidable when you can’t start your vehicle with it. The concern also involves battery changing and toggle switch trouble.

Whatever the reasons related to this remote starter problem are, it isn’t very pleasant for the user as they won’t be able to start the car to reach their destination. As a result, you must fix the remote right away.

Nothing to worries if you complete reading the post. It’ll help you learn the problems, causes, and possible solutions to take you out of the hitches. 

Why’s Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting Important?

You can’t start your car until you have a remote starter. It’s easy to warm up and start your car from far away. Apart from warming up the engine, a remote starter also allows you to prepare your car’s inside with the deserved temperature.

The Avital remote start is one of the best brands to simplify your car's starting process. But the remote starter can stop responding unexpectedly for various reasons. So, you must be ready to manage the situation when you face a remote start not working abruptly.

Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting Instructions With Their Causes

Avital is a leading brand to get the keyless options for starting your car. Its user-friendly interface and using the method have gained thousands of users around the world.

However, this device may sometimes malfunction, and you must fix the issue instantly, as you can’t start the car remotely without a remote starter. We’ve covered the most issues regarding all models, such as the Avital 7111L remote start troubleshooting.

Failure of the programThe program is lostReprogram/replace the starter
The remote isn’t working after changing its batteryDirt on the keypads and battery terminalsClean the keypads & battery terminals
The engine cranks but won’t start with the remoteLoose ignition wireTighten/reconnect the ignition wire
Battery FailureThe battery is dead/weakReplace the battery
No power on the remote startWeak/dead battery, blown fuse, disconnected wireReplace the fuse/battery
Toggle the switch setting onEnabled toggle switchOff/disable the toggle switch
Flawed Avital remote startA bad Avital remote startReplace the remote start

Avital Remote Start Troubleshooting Tips

Failure Of The Program

If you get the Avital 7111L remote start not working, most possibly, it’s having a programming problem. Losing the program in the remote start can cause this issue. Thus, the remote loses its connection with the vehicle. Also, it may happen for the deletion of any code in the remote starter.

How To Fix It

Reprogramming the remote start should fix the issue. You can follow the below steps if you want to learn how to reset my Avital remote:

  • Enter the car inside and open the driver’s side door.
  • Switch on the ignition using the key.
  • Switch the remote start to its “On” mode.
  • Press and release the “Valet” button on the remote.
  • Again, press and hold the “Valet” button, and leave the button after the starter goes to the “on” mode.
  • Press the “Valet” button once again.
  • Again, press and release the “Valet” button on the remote until the LED lights on the system blink and start siren.
  • Finally, press and hold the “Valet” button, and press the start button on the remote.

If the issue continues, contact the Avital dealer to reprogram or get the new remote start.  

The Remote Isn’t Working After Changing Its Battery

It’s one of the common Avital remote start problems that happens after replacing the battery. The issue can occur due to dirt on the remote keypads or the battery’s terminals.

How To Fix It

When it comes to the Avital 4115L remote start troubleshooting, cleaning the keypads and the battery terminals should fix the issue.

The Engine Cranks, But Won’t Start With Remote

The Avital one-button remote start system troubleshooting involved in the engine seems to be started but it doesn’t with the remote start. In such case, the remote works nicely to open and close the doors and trunk.

But it misbehaves when you try to start the engine. Many users experience this Avital 4103 remote start system problem. The loose wiring in the ignition causes this issue.

How To Fix It

Tightening the loose wiring in the ignition should solve the trouble. So, locate a pink-colored ignition wire that usually remains under the vehicle’s dash and tighten or reconnect it.

Battery Failure

Getting the Avital remote start 7111L problem may link with battery issue. A dead battery doesn’t allow the remote start work properly. The same problem happens for the weak battery.

How To Fix It

The Avital CE0889 remote start system troubleshooting is easy. Simply replace the battery with the compatible one to resolve the issue.

No Power On The Remote Start

Lacking of essential power on the remote start can make the Avital remote start out of order. The possible reasons of the issue may include a loose wire, blown fuse, dead/weak battery, and faulty power supply.

In this case, Avital 4103 remote start troubleshooting becomes obvious. Let’s get the solution:

How To Fix It

Check the fuse box of your car. Replace the fuse if it’s blown. Also, check the wire for the disconnection or loose connection. Reconnect and tighten them. Then, try to start your car using the remote start. If it doesn’t work, replace the battery. It should fix the issue.

Toggle Switch Setting On

Disabled remote start may involve in the Avital 4113 remote start troubleshooting. A faulty toggle switch can cause this issue. Also, it can happen if the toggle switch is at “on” position that, prevents the remote start from functioning.

How To Fix It

Find the toggle switch that typically resides under the dash and turn it to the “off” position.

Flawed Avital Remote Start

A bad remote start will not help you start your car. When the device is flawed, you won’t be able to fix it anyway except getting the new remote start.  

How To Fix It

You’ve got the solution. Yes, replace the remote starter with new one. You can get the Avital 4105L 1-Way Remote Start System with 4-Button Remote.

Additional Reasons & Solutions

Here are some uncommon problems that may rarely happen with the Avital remote start. If the abovementioned reasons are not making the issues, check the below ones:

Vehicle isn’t ParkedPart it, then try again
Key Fob is in the CarRemove the key fob from the car
Too many attempts to remote startPerform ON and OFF by the key on the ignition.
The hood is openClose the hood first, then try again.
Hazard Lights are OnTurn the hazard lights off.
Irregular Coolant/air pressureMaintain a normal Coolant/air pressure
Remote Starter is in Valet ModeDisengage this Valet Mode

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Is My Remote Start Not Starting?

Your remote start may malfunction for various reasons, including lost program, dirt on the keypads and battery terminals, loose ignition wire, and battery is dead/weak. Reprograming, cleaning the keypads & battery terminals, rightening/reconnecting ignition wire, and replacing the battery/fuse should fix the issues.

Why Is My Remote Start Not Working After Battery Change?

After replacing the battery, getting the remote start out of order may happen for higher coolant temperature or lower oil pressure. Also, it can occur for dirt on the battery connecting terminal. If you fix those issues, you’ll get the remote start normal state.

Can Car Battery Impact Remote Start?

The remote fob is linked to collaborate the remote start. This fob requires power to work properly and the power comes from the battery in your car. So, low voltage or dead battery can impact the remote start.

How To Reset The Avital Remote Start?

Get the remote and locate the “Reset” button that remains under the cell compartment. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. It should reset your remote to the factory setting.

How To Delete The Valet Mode From The Avital Remote?

First, open your car’s door and enter inside it. Press 121 on the remote start to delete the Valet Mode. It’ll off the security option, but gives accessibility on.

How Much Does A Remote Start Cost?

A remote start can cost between $50 and $200. But you may need to pay for installation. Also, the price range can differ depending on the car’s model, years, and make.

The Bottom Line

Avital remote start troubleshooting tips will help you overcome the issues of your remote starting device. Usually, the Avital is one of the well-reputed brands for remote starts.

But some of their users complaint about different problems with this remote start. If you’re one of them, you must have no more issues with your Avital remote start as you know all troubles, their reasons, and possible fixes.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the post by learning some new and useful things. If you still have any questions to ask, feel free to put a comment on the below comment box. We’ll get you back as soon as possible.

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